Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Jari Jo!

Today is my sister, Jari Jo's, birthday. Unfortunately for her, she never receives mail on her birthday! :-( You should be getting a package tomorrow or Thursday; however!! Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!

Gage arrived home this afternoon around 2pm. He was exhausted when he came in the house, you could tell just by looking at him. He was happy to report that they got a deer today! Unfortunately for me, the stupid thing is hanging from the rafters on the patio. I'm sure our neighbors are thrilled with the view of a blood-dripping deer from their bedroom window. I really am not sure why it came home because that, in my eyes, is exactly what Tuttle is for. I'm praying it won't be there much longer. I just want to gag when I see it or even think about it hanging outside our house. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow when Scott gets them off of his camera at work and sends them to me.

The kids have school tomorrow!! I will also be there filling in for Mrs. Schmidt's last day of vacation. This will obviously be a very short week and we'll see what the weekend has in store for us. Scott has no excuse to have to go back to Tuttle, since the deer carcass is hanging on the patio. I'd actually much rather have him gone, to Tuttle, to cut up the deer, rather than having the dumb thing hanging over the patio.

Emma was very excited today to try out her new mittens that she got last night at Scheel's. We found some super soft and warm mittens that should NOT find their way into the lost and found bin at school. My Mom called with a wonderful idea on how to keep them from getting lost. She suggested I attach ribbon to both mittens and then run the ribbon through the back of her coat and down both arms. That was a brilliant idea. Since the mittens have a hook and clasp on them, I just tied the ribbon to both mittens. When I get my sewing machine out and running (the one I got last year on Black Friday) I will sew the ribbon to make it a more permanent fix. This should certainly work for now. I'll be sad if it doesn't, because the mittens were $12.99, and to keep replacing mittens at that price, well, it will break me! THANKS FOR THE IDEA MOM!


Jari said...

One perk for not getting mail on my birthday is that I don't get bills on my birthday either. LOL
Thanks for the wishes. Love ya and glad the deer is at your house not mine.

Anonymous said...

glad to be able to read these things from home....mom and dad need the screen on this computer...it's about the size of the tv down here in the basement...haha!!! yeah...glad you have the deer not me too..haha...and Happy Birthday to the #3 Child in the Larsen line up!!! We are sure luck to have such great parents that didn't stop at 2 kids!!! haha!!!

Kysa said...

That was me I don't know what happened!!