Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We have so many things to be thankful for, I can't even list them all.

We started working on our meal preparation this morning after we scoured through the Black Friday ads. We had our Thanksgiving meal around 4:30p. Everything was so delicious! Even my gravy was good! Thanks to my Mom for that because she is the best gravy maker around and I learned everything I know from her! If only she could teach me how to make her homemade noodles! Mmmm......Mmmmmm!

I was completely miserable after we ate supper, as was Scott. He beached out on the couch and took a short nap. The kids played outside for awhile while I continued to search through the ads for the best deals!

Last year we had Thanksgiving dinner with our good friends, Emily and Jody, et all, and then Emily and I braved the crowds and had a great time shopping together, getting the big bargains! I wish you were here to go again this year Emily! I am sending Scott out this year. He is after a big television, which I have been saving my Biolife money for. There's no way I could get in there and get one of those big things and carry it out to the car. He's headed to Best Buy for that, but they also have the same thing at Walmart, so he can go there if he doesn't get the deal at Best Buy. He's also headed to Target for a few items. I can't wait to hear his story when he gets home tomorrow morning! He's never done this before, so it will be quite an experience. Hopefully he won't be the one who gets knocked over at Target this year! I also hope he's not the one knocking other people over! I may have to let him tell his story on my blog tomorrow.

We sure missed spending this holiday with our family in Iowa. The kids are so excited about going back for Christmas they are counting down the days. (So am I!) We love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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