Monday, November 3, 2008

Rocket Launch video

As I promised, here is a video of Gage launching his model rocket yesterday. It's kind of funny. I like it when they all take off running after the rocket.

This morning when I was walking the kids to school, I was stopped by the president of the PTO asking for my help. Every year for Parent-Teacher conferences the PTO arranges for volunteers to bring in supper for the teachers. This year, it was a little different since they have Northridge and Corpus Christi. This lady asked if I would help her out today because she wasn't sure how she was going to set stuff up at both places. I told her I would help. Of course I will! I'll always help! If ever you are in need of something, just call me! :-) I had to go to the school this afternoon to get things set up, which I really didn't have to do too much because the lady that runs the office had pretty much done all of it. Then I had to go back tonight to help clean it up. It was crazy how much food they had for 5 teachers. There were 4 crockpots full of soup, a huge meat and cheese tray, a huge vegetable tray, break, rolls, a bag of apples, a bag of oranges, a case of water and some pop. Seriously, who would even think that 5 teachers, with 4 of them being smaller women, would eat this much food? I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the 4 crockpots full of soup because they have 2 very small, dorm room-sized refrigerators in their breakroom. I had several ziploc containers, but only 1/2 the number of lids I needed. I had myself pictured carrying a few containers of soup with no lids on my walk home. Thankfully she showed up with the extra lids I needed and helped me finish up. There was a reason I didn't volunteer to help with this project from the get-go! Oh well, I have 2 containers of Knoephla (sp?) soup in the refrigerator for tomorrow night's supper! I'm always excited when I don't have to fix supper.

Emma has gymnastics tomorrow evening and we have Gage's den meeting tomorrow night at the school. It will probably be a little crazy there since the school is one of the places people come to vote. I will be really glad when all of this is over. My phone was ringing off the hook today with both parties calling to make sure we vote tomorrow. I've been plagued with political emails as well. It is also nice that all of the signs have to be removed from people's yards tonight before tomorrow's election.

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Kara said...

Those rockets are so much fun! Guy and I must be BIG KIDS because we used to shoot them off all the time when we were dating in college! I know the kids LOVED blastoff!