Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short week ahead

This morning the kids and I got up and got ready for church and actually made it there on time! Last week we were late and I HATE being late! I was anxious to see if anyone would notice my new smile. Of course Gwen, the Pastor's wife, was so happy to see the braces off. She is always so nice and has been genuinely excited for me, that I've been on this adventure to "fix my mouth". Now, if I could fix what comes out of my mouth..............! :-) Other than Laura and Steve saying something (they knew I was getting them off this past week) no one noticed. That really is a good thing! It means that my smile looks very natural, like it has been like this my whole life. I feel like I talk a little funny because of the retainers, but it doesn't seem to be too noticeable, or it would cause people to then notice that my braces are missing!

Scott left early this morning to go hunting pheasants and got back about 4:10pm, just in time for me to attend a Girl Scout Service Unit Meeting at 4:30. I don't know why I keep going to them, as they aren't always that informative, but I keep hoping!

We have a short school week ahead of us due to the Thanksgiving holiday. The kids have school Monday through Wednesday and then they are off until the following Monday. I wish there had been an extra day or two thrown in there so we would have enough time to travel to Iowa to be with our family. I love you all and will be thinking of you! We'll be seeing you at Christmas and we can't wait!

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Emily Jennings said...

yeah, that's a bummer about your break. Silas AND Jody get Wednesday off as well. Jody's sister's kids get off the WHOLE WEEK! That's crazy. But they did start like August 2nd or something absurd like that.