Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 3 of our 5 day weekend

For day three of our 5-day vacation, and day 4 of Scott being gone, we're doing pretty good. Everyone is still alive and kicking!!! It was getting a little hairy this afternoon when Emma dealt out the Harry Potter UNO cards and stacked the deck so she got the Howler card AND the Invisibility Cloak card. Mom stepped in; however, and saved the day.

We went to Barnes & Noble again today so we could get the answers to Gage's trivia questions for the Ripley's Believe it Or Not patch contest. We flipped the postcard in the mailbox on our way home, so we'll see if we got it done in time or not. I'm guessing NOT! :-)

The kids went sledding again this afternoon with the neighbors. They had a great time; however, Emma's hands got a little too cold for her liking and when they pulled up in our driveway she was crying like crazy when she got out of their van. Her hands were beet red clear up past her wrists. I felt bad for her because I had the same thing happen this morning. After we went to church we stopped by the Arrowhead recycling trailers so I could drop off our plastic, tin, cardboard and plastic bags. The doors on the trailer were being held shut with a bungee strap so when I went to undo the strap, I had to put my hands in the snow and had a hard time getting it loose. When I got that done, I had to do it again on the tin side. My hands and fingers were so cold by the time I got to the plastics that I could hardly stand it. Finally, when I got done and back into the car my fingers were killing me. It took awhile, but they eventually warmed up and weren't quite so painful. I can't imagine how badly Emma's were hurting. They were so red, and the weird thing was that her hands felt warm to me up to her wrists, then the rest was pretty cold. I don't know if that's a sign that frostbite was about to set in or not, but she was seriously hurting. We got them warmed up and she said they were feeling much better at bedtime. I need to go find her some better mittens. The 2 pair she has are fleece mittens and they aren't waterproof. We've already lost a pair of gloves (thankfully they were cheap ones) at school, so I hate to buy any that are too expensive because it hurts the pocketbook when they keep coming up missing. Lands' End has some sort of lost mitten deal if you buy their mittens, but I need to reread the information a little more because when I first glanced over it, it didn't make sense to me. However, it could be a good deal if the kids keep losing mittens.

Gage completed his reading log for the week with 555 total minutes!! He surely won't be out-read this week! WOW! Not even my ME!

I'm not sure what we'll do to stay busy tomorrow. I suppose we'll have to go find some good mittens somewhere.

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