Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Box

Scott had the alarm set to get up this morning at 4:25, and as far as I know, he got up and got out of bed. I don't think I even heard the alarm go off.

I woke up at 7:45a and realized Scott was still gone. He arrived home just a few minutes after I woke up with a BIG SMILE on his face. He got what he was after. He said that he first went to Best Buy and he said the line was so long to get in, that he figured he would just go back later and went on to Target. Target didn't open until 6am, so he was there plenty early. He said he was the 20th person in line. He wasn't as smart as Emily and I were last year, because we went inside the mall, where it was warm, and waited at those doors to open. He said that would have been a good tip to give him!

After Target, he went back to Best Buy and got the television he was after. My blood money is gone, but we will be watching all 5 of our local television channels in STYLE, let me tell you! As always, the kids were more entertained by the box.

It wasn't long after we emptied the box that the kids had it filled up with their stuff. They have played in this box ALL DAY, and I'm not even kidding! As you can see, Emma was getting right to work decorating her end of the box!

The television is a 42 inch, 720p Samsung. It really is a nice television and we had a great time watching The Polar Express tonight, which was on ABC. The channels come in SO CLEAR with the HDTV and our rabbit ears. It is certainly better than before when we had to adjust the ears with each channel we were watching.

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

The box also became their "canvas" and they were busy coloring away. Emma also colored the styrofoam piece that held the television firmly in the box. I finally had had enough with all of the styrofoam pieces that were all over the floor and got rid of that dumb thing!

It came equipped with it's very own crayon holders! :-)
After Scott set up the television he went to Walmart to see if he could find any of the video games they had advertised but they were all gone. He did get me a memory stick for a great price so now I can back up all of the pictures that are on my computer.
This time of year always brings out the generous bone Scott has in his body (note I said bone, not bones!) :-) Last year we bought a bicycle that was on sale on Black Friday and we asked the school if they could find someone who needed it, which they did. This year Scott bought another bicycle, and this one will be for a girl. I wish I could see the smile on that little girl's face on Christmas morning!
Finally, on his way home, he stopped through Starbucks and bought me a coffee, and he "paid it forward" and bought the people's coffee that was in line behind him. Apparently they were thirsty AND hungry, which made for a hefty bill of $17 at the Starbucks drive-thru. The gal at the window told Scott he probably will have made their day. I'm sure he did, as they were probably out trying to snatch up all of the bargains and then received a free treat at Starbucks on top of it! I know that would make my day! ;-)


Anonymous said...

god bless scott, i told you that you have a good man. i can just see him fighting the crowd lol your mother

Jari said...

I think that is awesome Scott. You know the true meaning of Christmas.

Kysa said...

Well....I'm going to try to follow Scott everytime I go thru Starbucks drive thru...I want to be behind SCOTT!!! haha!!!

Kysa said...

also we need to see a picture of the large TV.......put that one in your next blog.....Boxes are great for the kids...they were really getting all homed into that skinny box....haha

Kara said...

Yeah for a new TV! We had quite the experience down here getting around town to Costco for groceries, etc. I'll have to fill you in later! It was an interesting birthday and we are having fun....Thanks for the birthday wish?!?!!