Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today I had appointments at both the orthodontist's office and dentist's office. I went to the dentist first to have some bonding done on my two front teeth because Bubba is long gone. He was really starting to annoy me anyway because it was to the point where he was so wiggly that I could almost spin him completely around the wire. I couldn't leave it alone and it was driving me crazy! So now I am sporting a new look. If you can imagine the YMCA's letter Y symbol, well, that's the shape of the space between my two front teeth now. Maybe I could get a job as the YMCA spokesperson? I just got back from my appointment at the orthodontist and my teeth are so sore that I could seriously down a whole bottle of ibuprofen. I now have 4 springs on the wire between my 2 front teeth, and the teeth just lateral to them, which should start creating an even amount of space between my top 4 front teeth. When she got all of this apparatus in place, the space (the bottom part of the Y) had already closed! No wonder it was so painful! Thankfully they lessened the amount of torque being applied, so hopefully it won't be so bad.

Not too much else was going on today. Gage and Emma are on a playdate with their friends Grant and Gracie. They haven't gotten to play with each other in quite awhile due to going to different schools and such busy schedules, so Shannon asked if she could stop by to pick them up after school today. I was glad to not have to take them to the orthodontist with me. Emma is comfortable enough with Dr. Warford and Wendy that she won't be quiet, so it was nice to not have to deal with that. Thanks Shannon!

Tomorrow is Emma's last day of swimming lessons with her Jr. Kindergarten curriculum. She will be graduating on Friday and they will actually be having a graduation ceremony. I'll be sure to have my camera in hand (thank goodness I can say that!) and take lots of pictures. I'll try to get a video as well. Next Wednesday is her last day of school, and Gage's last day is on Friday. I'm not ready for summer vacation yet!


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

While you are taking pics, take one of yourself too! ;)

Shannon said...

Hi Stacy!! I love the kids. Wish I could see them more! and you too!! Shannon