Sunday, May 11, 2008

Turkey BBQ

I checked the pictures out on Kara's blog and they were so good that I wanted to make sure everyone got to see them, in case you don't click the link to her blog! Thanks Kara!!! I didn't realize I could do this until I tried!

Jadyn takes her turn in the parachute.

One, two, three, GO!

Emma goes sailing high up into the sky!!! Weeeeeee!

Guy and Kya Guidinger

Gage, Guy and Kya hanging out at the climbing tree! (The one Gage pushed the bully out of!)

After everyone had had enough of tossing the kids into the air with the parachute, Scott found another great use!! :-) We're going to have to find one of these parachutes to have on hand when things don't go as planned!

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