Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day

Okay, I lied yesterday. Yesterday wasn't "Winds"day, TODAY was "Winds"day! Uff da! The wind has been whistling through the front door all day long!

Last night it had entered my mind that today was May Day. I had every intention of getting some things together for Emma and I to make May baskets today. Well, I decided earlier today that she didn't even know it was May Day, and figured I could get away with forgetting about it. I was in the free and clear until just before supper, when our neighbor kids came and rang the doorbell and took off running for home. Gage took off after them, then came back asking if we could make May baskets! Aargh! Sometimes it pays to be a collector of junk, as I had enough stuff to pull it off. We had clear plastic cups, I popped some popcorn and we used old Valentine's Day candy that I had put up in the pantry to fill the cups. It worked, and the kids were excited to deliver them to the neighbors and take off running, just as they had already done.

Yes, that is Gage and Emma running across the street, and just in case you're wondering, no, they did not look both ways before crossing! Thank God no cars were driving up the street at the time! They ran around outside awhile playing with the neighbor kids and at one point I looked out just in time to see Gage trip and fall right in the middle of the street...........once again, thank God there were no cars around! However, I do believe he looked both ways before crossing that time! So, another May Day has come and gone. Maybe next year I'll be a little better and get some made up the night before?

Last night Scott's brother, Darin, arrived in town and is staying with us a couple of days and is helping a couple of the guys Scott works with set up trail cameras out in the middle of the prairie. Apparently they are wanting to find out what kind of predators are out there destroying nests. I'll bet'cha it's skunks or raccoons. :-)

Emma decided she wanted Uncle Darin to read stories to her at bedtime, so he did. Later, after she should have been asleep, I went down to peek in on her to see if she was asleep, when I opened the door, I saw her laying in bed glued to the portable DVD player. She was watching a movie and had the screen about an inch away from her face! I'm sure glad I decided to check on her, as I'm sure she could have stayed up the entire night with the stack of DVD's she had hiding in her room! Hopefully I prevented some crankiness tomorrow!

Hope you all had a Happy May Day!

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