Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Oh, Jonah!"

The "Oh, Jonah!" program at church today was very well done! The kids did a wonderful job, and we thank all of the adults who helped to make this so much fun. I had several people at church asking me if they could get copies of the pictures I took, so I thought I should just post all of the ones I took on my blog and have you all download the ones you like to your computer. I'm not sure if blogger reduces the size/quality of the photos, so if you download them and print them off and they aren't that great, let me know and I'd be happy to email any that you want. I uploaded them to my blog in backwards order by accident, so you will be seeing them from the end of the program to the beginning. Enjoy!

The "Oh, Jonah!" girls

The "Oh, Jonah!" boys

The entire cast of "Oh, Jonah!" including Thomas who starred as the voice of the whale and did a terrific job!

The cast of "Oh, Jonah!"

"A tale of a whale"

Alan, the King of Ninevah.

Along came a big storm with wind, rain and waves!

These were some BIG waves! :-)

More waves!

Here comes the wind!

" It's a sailor's life for us"

The angels

Gage's line in the program "But God loves everybody!"

"What da'ya mean AND? The story is just about Jonah and the whale, right?" "WRONG!" (Just in case you're wondering, Gage is helping me with the lines.......apparently he has all of them memorized!) :-)

This is not just a story about a whale and a man named Jonah! It's a story of responsibility!!

The nasty Ninevites!

The angels Emily, Ellie and Sedalia

Jonah inside of the whale

The angels singing a message to Jonah, who is inside of the whale.

I took pictures during the dress rehearsal as well as the actual performance, so there are some duplicates, but I wanted to post all of them in case one of them has a better picture of your child that you may want to print off. :-)

The big stormy waves

Emma's waves are getting out of control! :-)

More wind, rain and waves!

"It's a sailors life for us!"

"I gotta go, I gotta split, I gotta move on out and run as fast as I can. I hate those nasty Ninevites, I won't be their preacher man."

Gage reciting his line in the dress rehearsal "But God loves everybody!"

"Oh, Jonah!" A tale of a whale.

You'll need to push the "pause" button on my playlist to stop that music so you can listen to the videos.

I also wanted to thank our friends, Kara, Guy, Jadyn and Kya Guidinger for meeting us at church today to watch the program. The kids were thrilled to death knowing there were people there (besides Mom and Dad) to see "them" perform!

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Kara said...

We loved watching the kids! They did such a great job and the girls thought it was wonderful too! Kya talked about the whale all afternoon! She asked me if we ever got eaten by a whale when we lived in NC and went to the beach! LOL! Thanks for inviting us!