Friday, May 16, 2008

Emma's graduation from Jr. Kindergarten

Today was Emma's big day. She graduated from Jr. Kindergarten! :-) It was tough getting her out of bed this morning, just as I predicted, and of course we had to have a few rounds on what she was going to wear. I finally gave up and she ended up wearing this outfit, that isn't really a springy-type of outfit, but it was better than the velour Christmas dress she wanted to wear!!!

Emma getting her Graduation Cap put in place by teacher Jo.

Emma's class entered the gym to Pomp and Circumstance.

They sang several songs of their choosing, recited the alphabet doing American sign language and counted to 10 in both English and Spanish. (I'm sorry I can't post all of the videos, because it would take me all day to do!)

"I'm Emma and I want to be a doctor!" On our drive home I asked Emma what kind of a doctor she wanted to be. As she was thinking, I said, "Do you want to be a doctor of animals?" Emma replies, "Uh Mom, that would be a veterinarian!" (you have to read that with attitude to get the real effect!)

Here Emma is receiving her diploma from teacher Kathy.

The kids all sat in chairs while a slide show of pictures showed on a movie screen. It was amazing as to how well they sat and quiet they were when they were watching pictures of themselves scroll by. We also saw a couple of pictures with Silas, Emma's bestest school buddy in the whole wide world, appear on the screen. We sure wish he had been there along with Emily, Jody, Hattie and Luke (oh, and baby bambino on the way! :-)

The graduating class of 2008!

We are very proud of this beautiful little girl!

Emma and Dad.

Emma and Mom.

Emma and her buddy Livia. Emma and Livia have been devising a "sleepover plan". Emma says she is going to stay at Livia's house for 10 days. The other night she was packing her bag and was very concerned about what to do since she doesn't have 10 pairs of pajamas! LOL!

This was Emma's favorite part of the entire production! COOKIES!

Emma and her teacher Kathy. With both Gage and Emma, attending the YMCA preschool and Jr. Kindergarten program, we have had Kathy for the past 4 years in a row. We will miss her!!

For Emma's special day, she got to pick what she wanted to eat and we had a picnic in the park with Scott. Too bad Gage couldn't have joined us!

Dad and Emma taking a little siesta!

Emma loves wrestling and being hauled around by Dad!

Ahhhhhhh, how sweet! Dad didn't know he was going to get a big lick, as well as a kiss! :-)
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Scott was giving me a hard time last night, telling me I was posting too many and they were all the same. I'll have to take a poll in the future about whether I should keep on posting as many pictures as I want, or take Scott's advice and slow down a bit! :-)


Scott said...

I didn't say you shouldn't post lots of pictures but 5-6 of the karate guys slamming the kids down seemed like plenty of that topic! Love ya hon!


Aneetha said...

Post 'em! I LOVE seeing y'all and the kids and all the activities they are doing... I'd have LOVED to go with you guys to some of them... How I miss you all (yes Scott- you too :P ) So do keep the pictures coming.. :hugs:

Khalipha said...

Well said.