Friday, May 2, 2008


The results are in folks! My plan has been let you know what happened with our utility bill after I received our next statement in the mail since the installation of our new washer and dryer. The new machines were in use just about the time the new billing cycle started, so it should be pretty accurate. However, I will inform you that it was 11 degrees warmer this billing cycle than the last. I'm not sure that should make much of a difference though, because we have the thermostat set pretty low. Anyway, the difference in the bill was $37.96 from last month to this month!! I'd say that the machines will pretty much pay for themselves eventually. (I suck at math, otherwise I'd figure it out for you!) I'm hoping to see another drastic decrease in next months' bill since we have finally gotten all of our light bulbs changed over from the incandescent to the energy efficient kind. A couple of months ago we had the biggest utility bill we've ever had, and I'm doing all I can to prevent that from happening again! I did not see a decrease in the water bill; however, as I have found faucets left running at a trickle after the kids have washed their hands a time or two this past month. Maybe there will be a drop next month?

Scott has been busy the past couple of days with Ducks University which is being held here in Bismarck this year, and he will be tied up with that the entire weekend. Emma has dance on Saturday morning and Gage has a Cub Scout "Go See It" scheduled for Saturday evening (we'll get to tour the fire station), so we have just a couple of things going on this weekend. Hopefully the wind will die down a bit and we can spend some time outside? Uncle Darin will also be leaving in the morning, so the kids will be sad about that, even though he hasn't been around too much.

Have a great weekend!

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Shannon said...

Good Job Stacy!! I still dont think that will be enough to convince my DH to buy those wonderful, time saving money saving machines!! Shan