Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Emma's last day of school/Picnic at the park

Today was Emma's last day of school. Her school day took place at the park and she was soooo excited about it! She was mostly excited about taking her own lunch to school. This morning when I asked her what she wanted in her lunchbox she said, "Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, nectarines and apricot!" That just happens to be every single fruit we bought at the store yesterday. I told her we would take some fruit, but she needed a sandwich as well. She finally decided on a pepperoni sandwich, stick cheese, apricot, Nilla cakesters (Gage had requested Twinkies and I have never bought Twinkies in the store and I seriously couldn't find them, so I ended up getting these new Vanilla wafer cakester things) and a juice box. She wanted to eat right away, but the teachers sent them to the playground first.

Emma started out on the monkey bars. Typically she just hangs there and yells, "Mom, can you help me!?" I usually end up going to help her across the monkey bars, but I saw another boy in her class go across them without help, so I knew she could do it too. I told her she needed to do it herself. After several times of hanging there and dropping, she finally took off across the monkey bars!

I was so excited for her! She was determined to do it and she did. After she went across them once, she was like an old pro and did it several more times. Yeah Emma!

Next stop was the sandbox. This had Emma entertained for quite awhile. She loves playing in the dirt and sand. There was a little sister of someone in Emma's class who decided to throw sand in the air, so I can't wait until bath time tonight! UGH! I just HATE sand!

Finally it is time to eat! I always enjoy seeing what the other kids' Moms pack for their lunch. Usually I try to make it as healthy as I can, but I caved and bought the Twinkie-like Nilla cakesters. I figured they should get to have that fun stuff once in awhile!

Bubble blowing was another fun activity!

Close to the end of our day at the park, someone pulled out a jump rope and Emma enjoyed that as well. She did pretty good. Most of them had troubles (including Emma) with timing their jumps. It was fun to watch.

After leaving the park I had to stop at the grocery store to get some hamburger for the taco salad I was planning to make for supper. I was going to make it last night, but after I got home from the store realized I had no more hamburger in the freezer. We usually go in with some people at DU and buy 1/4 of a cow and it is so nice and handy having that meat on hand. We'll have to do that again. After we got home I said to Emma, "Well it was your last day of school! Are you excited?" She almost started to cry and said she wasn't because she was going to miss her friend Livia. I don't think she had really thought about it being over until I said that? I felt a little sad as well. I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up!

Scott should be home later tonight as he has been away for work for a few days so we're looking forward to his arrival.

I have been dreading this week coming to an end because of school ending. However, I must admit I will be glad when it's over because we've had so many things going on it's hard to remember what is happening each day. Today was Game day/Music day at school for Gage. They were allowed to either bring a board game to play with a friend, or bring a CD player and/or Gameboy. Gage was excited that he was going to get to take his Leapster to school. I'm betting all of the other kids have a Nintendo DS and I'll hear about it after school. Tomorrow he has mini olympics and they will have several big inflatables at the school. That is a big thing around here this time of year. As we were driving home from the park there was another school that had them all set up on their playground. They had a great big ship that looked like it was sinking, which was the slide and it was called the Titanic. It looked pretty cool and Emma wanted me to just stop so she could go play on it. I told her we couldn't do that because it was another school. She is all upset about Gage's school having them set up tomorrow and because she can't go. Last year we went to take pictures of Gage and his classmates playing on them and Emma ended up getting to jump on them as well. One of the teachers felt sorry for her standing there watching, so she told her she could jump on them too! So, maybe we'll sneak over tomorrow for a few photos!? :-)

I was so relieved yesterday, Mom and Dad, to hear that Dad's results came back good! I've tried calling but keep getting the answering machine. Just wanted to tell you, since I know you'll be on my blog, that I'm so thankful everything turned out okay! I love you!

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