Saturday, May 10, 2008


We woke up to a white blanket of snow on the ground this morning! I guess it's about time the weathermen were correct in their predictions. Unfortunately it was a day that was scheduled for tree planting for Cub Scouts! I had to drag all of the winter clothes out of the closet upstairs, as I had gotten everything all washed up and put away until next winter. We had Gage and Emma dressed up pretty warm with their snowpants on, as I figured they were going to get pretty wet being down on the ground helping with the tree planting. Once we got all dressed up and ready, we headed out on our adventure. We arrived right on time, and several other cars were pulling up as well. One of the cars pulled up next to us and said it was cancelled until Thursday evening! UGH! Man, why didn't they tell us this before we got out of the house! So, once we got home, I put it all back up in the closet and hopefully we won't have to drag it out again until November! (I guess it could have been worse.......we could have had muddy clothes to get washed up again before storing them away!)

Emma attended her birthday party at Snoopers Tons of Fun, and Gage attended a party at Space Aliens. They had a lot of fun playing with their friends.

This evening was our church's annual turkey BBQ. It was being held at a park with a shelter right next to the Superslide Amusement Park and the kids were very excited about that. However, once we got there, we discovered that it was closed due to the inclement weather this morning. The kids were completely bummed, but mostly ticked off. It was a bad idea taking them to the parade last night which resulted in getting them to bed later than normal. We invited our friends Kara, Guy, Jadyn and Kya Guidinger to join us at the turkey BBQ. It was a good thing we did too, because the kids would have been completely bored out of their minds (or at least I'm sure that's what they would have claimed) if they hadn't been there with their bag of tricks! Kara pulled out a parachute (like the ones we had back in our elementary school days, only smaller) to play with. That was the hit of the party for sure! We were throwing the kids high up into the sky. I'm sure Kara will have some pictures posted on her blog since she was the smart one and brought her camera! So be sure to click on her link and check her blog out to see if you can see some pictures of the kids having fun. There were a few tosses that got a little out of hand and had them flying a bit too high and causing them to get out of control and land on heads, noses, etc (inside the parachute thank goodness)!!! That's what happens when the big boys join in to play! We had a really nice time and hope that the Guidingers enjoyed it as well. I didn't get them introduced to too many people because we were having too much fun playing!

Gage had his first experience with being bullied this evening. I'm not completely sure of all of the details, but apparently one of the other boys there, who was a bit older than Gage, was making fun of him, telling Gage he sounded funny? Not sure what that was about? They were climbing up into a tree when this was going on, and apparently Gage had had enough and pushed the kid out of the tree! We didn't see this happen as we were eating at the time. By the time Emma came up to tell us that Gage pushed this kid out of the tree, Gage was already hiding in the van and crying. Scott had gone over to the car a couple of times to talk to him and he didn't want to come out. After a little bit I went to the car to talk to him and asked him what happened he finally opened up and asked if he could tell me something without me getting mad. I told him he sure could. He told me that he got so angry that this kid was making fun of him that he just pushed him out of the tree. Secretly I was thinking, "WAY TO GO GAGE!", but told him that it would have been a better choice to control his anger and tell an adult. He agreed. He was upset about being teased, but I think he was more scared that he may have hurt the kid by pushing him out of the tree. Unfortunately this happened at a church function! I guess this was a grandkid of some church members, so we didn't know him. I'm hoping we don't have to deal with this on a regular basis. Supposedly they have strict rules against bullying in the schools.

By the time we headed home the kids were quite tired and worn out. Gage was feeling pretty sad about being the "big kid" in the group. He said he wished that we could have tossed him up in the air as high as we did Emma and Jadyn. I told him there are going to be alot of things that he is going to miss as he gets older, but there will be alot of other fun things he will be able to do because he is the "big kid". I kind of wish he would stop growing up too, it's happening way too fast for me!

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