Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boy, did I ever call that one!!

Well, I certainly DID call that one! Emma and I went to pick up Gage at school and the first thing he said to me was, "Mom, almost everyone in my class has a Nintendo DS. Do you think we could get me one?" UGH! I knew that was going to happen and it pretty much ruined the rest of the day. The entire walk home Gage whined about not having this toy. He even said, "Mom, I felt like a black sheep today at school because everyone else had a Nintendo DS and I didn't!" Poor kid. He's definitely deprived. When we got home he rattled off the names of 5 kids in his class who had them. I then asked him to tell me how many kids in his class DIDN'T have one. I think he got the point. A little later he told me that one of the boys in his class told him that Leapsters were for babies and they were baby games and he was so upset by this when he told me that he just started crying. It's too bad that happened. I love the Leapster games. I even play them when the kids leave them laying around on the couch, etc. They are very educational and I suppose that's why they are considered "lame" to the "cool kids". I don't care how much he whines and cries about this Nintendo DS system. The only way he is going to get one (note I said "only way" Grandpa and Grandma S.) is by saving his money and buying one himself. He said, "I'll bet Santa won't even bring me one." I told Gage he was probably right, and the only way Santa would bring something like that is if he got NOTHING else. He wanted to know why, and I think he really had to think hard about that, and if it was really that important. He is going to have to learn how to save his money and not cave in and buy little things along the way. He told me he could never save that much money, and I told him he was quite right because he usually ends up buying something else before he can get enough saved. Emma went to her room and brought Gage a penny to start his savings. They both cleared the totals on their empty, automatic counting money jars and have started over. Good Luck!!!

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