Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last day of swimming at Jr. K

Today was Emma's last day of swimming at Jr. K. I have her signed up for the 1st session of summer swimming lessons; however, which start June 2.

Today was just a fun day in the water. Emma jumps in the water and makes a big splash!

Emma backfloating. This isn't too hard to do with a floaty "bubble" on her back and floating dumbbell she's hanging onto! She doesn't need the bubble on her back, but she puts one on anyway because she says, "Mom, I won't sink this way!"

I tried being very careful not to get any other kids in the photos as instructed by the aquatics director!

Emma loves having someone there to watch her swim! I wasn't able to watch as many of her lessons this year since I was working during the fall.

This is one long and lean girl! (She takes after her mother! HA!)


Emma tries getting tricky by sitting on the floatation device!

I'll take some pictures of her graduation ceremony on Friday. It should be pretty cute.
Tomorrow Emma and I will be joining Gage's class on a Safety Day Field Trip to Sertoma park. That should be a fun and interesting outing!

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