Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good news!

We had a lot of activities going on yesterday. Scott and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary by going out to supper at China Garden while our friends, the Adairs, watched Gage and Emma. It's hard to believe it's been 13 years already! Time flies when you're having fun! :-)

We also had Emma's Kindergarten Roundup. If you click on the link, you will get to see a few pictures. I'm not sure if it's fortunate or unfortunate that a photographer from The Bismarck Tribune showed up at the exact same time as we did. He asked if we were there for Kindergarten Roundup, and when we told him we were, he asked if he could take pictures. Emma was very excited to learn that her picture would be in the paper today. (Her pictures appeared in the online version of today's paper, not the actual paper) I made a smart remark to the photographer about not being sure who was more happy about Emma going to Kindergarten, her or me, and I was quoted as saying such. Oops! There are 3 pictures of us in the slideshow, and you can scroll through them by clicking on the thumbnails at the bottom of the picture, which also have a little write up about each picture. A friend of Emma's from preschool, who was at a different school for Kindergarten roundup, got her picture taken as well!

Today, Gage and I both had appointments at the orthodontist. Unfortunately, Gage has a crossbite what will require orthodontics; however, Dr. Warford said we should wait 6 months before we start to do anything, so that was a good thing to hear. An even BETTER thing to hear is that I am NOT going to require surgery on my jaw!! Dr. Warford and my surgeon, Dr. Stanley, and another dentist friend of theirs met on Friday, and after discussing my case, it was determined that I will not need the second surgery afterall. I will actually end up with better results by not having the surgery, than if I were to have it. Dr. Warford said that he has never had this happen before! I'm so glad it's happening to me! So, it's possible that all of this can be finished within the next 6 months or so! Music to our ears!

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Kara said...

That is awesome news that you don't have to go through surgery! You guys have to be movie stars or something with your luck. I was excited to find out that one of the news anchors in Minot bought two sets of jewelry and she has been wearing them on the air! That is the closest I get to TV coverage! I enjoyed our walk this morning...all 4.61 miles of it! :) Gotta love gadgets!