Monday, May 19, 2008

Gage has graduated into the Wolf den!

It was very windy here today with gusts up to 50 mph! It was really nice to start out the morning, then once the wind picked up it wasn't too much fun being outside! This afternoon when Emma and I walked to school to pick Gage up we found a bumblebee sitting on the sidewalk. I noticed it first and told Emma to look out! Thankfully no one got stung. I told Emma I wasn't sure if it was alive, but we would probably know for sure if it was there on our way back. Once we got Gage and headed back home, we could hardly walk into the wind it was blowing so hard. I think Gage and Emma were afraid of blowing away as they both were holding onto my arms pretty tight. I felt like I was dragging them the entire way. By the time we got home I was wore out! All of a sudden Emma let out a blood curdling scream! She scared me half to death! I jumped and looked at her to see what was wrong, and saw the bumblebee on her leg just at her sockline. I was jumping around trying to get it off with my foot as she continued to scream and cry. I finally got it off and she took off running towards the house. If it wasn't dead before, it is now! Emma was crying hysterically and I kept asking her if it stung her. Finally she told me that it didn't. It just scared her to death. She was a mess for quite awhile once we got inside the house. She was clinging to me for dear life!

Tonight was Gage's pack meeting and graduation into the wolf den. Since it was happening at the Superslide Amusement Park, I had some good leverage all day today and as soon as I threatened Emma with a babysitter, she did just what I asked, when I asked! It was a pretty good day! :-)

Gage and the other Tiger cubs gathering around to get ready to start the pack meeting. It is VERY hard for boys this age to settle down when FUN is just a few minutes away!

The Cub Scout salute as we say the Pledge of Allegiance.

Getting the boys to settle down was a bit of a chore tonight!

Gage receives his Tiger Cub badge and is now in the Wolf den and we will start working on the Wolf requirements! I wish I could say he was admiring his new badge here, but unfortunately a Hershey's candy bar was also given to the boys! Just what they needed!

Emma was very excited about being able to ride unlimited rides! I was too! For $10, that was a pretty good deal!

Gage getting ready to race his fellow scouts.

Here is a rare moment caught on film. Gage and Emma SMILING at each other!!!!

Gage is FINALLY big enough and strong enough to get to the top of the climbing wall to sound the buzzer! YEAH!!!

Emma has a new friend named Emily. Emily will be starting Kindergarten in the fall and will also be going to the same school as Emma! Emily's brother Brycen was in Gage's class last year, and is in our Cub Scout den so we know their family pretty well. (Their mother was actually Gage's Kindergarten teacher last year and we're hoping she will also be Emma's!) I'm hoping Emma and Emily will become good friends. I'll call them the red and yellow EM & EM's! :-)

Emma makes an attempt at the rock wall. She initally tried the medium side and didn't get far, so then went to the easy side. She didn't get too far there either. She could have done it, but fear won her over! (In case you're wondering, yes, that is the Grim Reaper that we caught on video!)

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Kara said...

Congratulations Gage! I am glad the kids didn't blow away in the wind! We attempted to go out and play in the backyard for a while and Kya got hit with a tumbleweed! LOL! She was ticked!