Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday scrapbooking

I didn't get a chance to post on my blog yesterday because I spent the entire day scrapbooking!!! My great friend, Kara, joined me and I had a great time scrapbooking with her for the first time. Hopefully there will be many more to come! We didn't really know any of the other people there, and when Kara won every one of the hourly prizes for the first several hours (I did win one of those hourly prize drawings) we started getting "looks" from the other tables! I was excited for her! Towards the end, a couple of the other girls (the ones that were giving the evil eye) started to win a few as well. There were 2 grand prizes at the end, won by Kara and one of the other gals, and then the CM consultant had a raffle for a new tag punch. We could buy 6 tickets for $5, and I was the lucky winner!!! I didn't realize it at first because I didn't have all of my tickets in front of me, and when she called the number, I was bummed because I didn't have it, but the other 2 girls in the raffle didn't have it either, so Kara was like, "Stacy, you have to have it because they don't!" Then she noticed my tickets laying on the end of the table and I yelled out in excitement! I won a $25 punch for $5! I am typically not a lucky person who wins things alot, but I figured my odds were pretty good at 1 in 3, so I should at least try! I think I completed 9 pages yesterday and felt like I got something accomplished. Kara did over 20 pages because she was a little more organized in her power layout box. We started at 8 am and finished at 10 pm! Nine pages seems pretty pathetic in that length of time, but I'm kind of a slow scrapbooker (anal retentive) because sometimes it takes me forever to just get the pictures placed in the right places.

The kids have a spring program at church today called "Oh, Jonah". It will be a cute performance and I will try to get some pictures and video to post to my blog later today.

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