Friday, February 13, 2009

10 Random Things I Love about Emma

1. I love the way Emma enjoys staying in her pajamas all day long, when she can.

2. I love listening to Emma sing.

3. I love the way Emma gets so excited when she knows we are going somewhere to stay and packs about 5 bags full of miscellaneous items.

4. I love the way that Emma makes forts in her room and ties jumpropes and other strings across her room that resemble a booby trap more than a frame for her fort.

5. I love the way that Emma can clean and organize her bedroom when she really wants to.

6. I love how excited Emma gets when we have movie night at home and how thrilled she is when I pop popcorn for her and Gage. I love how she eats her popcorn so slow, waiting for everyone else to finish so she can be the only one who has any popcorn left, and how she refuses to share it with anyone else.

7. I love how Emma's face lights up when she smiles.

8. I love Emma's beautiful red hair and love that she knows it makes her special and unique.

9. I love the way Emma will sit on her Grandpa's laps and on neighbor Dave's lap and seem so content.

10. I love the way that Emma can sit and color and draw for hours on end and the way she writes notes saying, "Dad, I het (hate) you! Love, Emma or "You are the menest (meanest) Mom evr!" Love, Emma, then five minutes later will come back with a new note telling us she loves us.


Anonymous said...

we love all those things also and more, we have wonderful grandchildren which god blessed us with nine of them and they are so loved. grandma pipi and grandpa grump ..l happy valentins day and birthday to emma and happy anniversary to kysa. love you all

Kysa said...

Happy Valentines day to all my loved ones....Colton named his webkinz skunk....drum roll from emma or gage.....(becuz they are the rock band) Pipi!!!! Now we have a bald eagle named alan and a fuzzy soft skunk named pipi!!! Love it..!!! Happy Valentines day and Happy Birthday to Emma!!!!

Shannon said...

That was a really sweet thing to blog about! I think I will do that as well. Count my blessings and all the things I love about them!! What a great loving thing to do. You are such a good mommy Stacy. I could and have learned alot from you! Love you guys.