Friday, February 27, 2009


I have no idea what to blog about tonight. I've started a couple of different subjects, but have deleted them both. I can't think of anything witty or worthwhile. I guess I'll just blog a little about my day, as usual.

I usually do not take cold medicines when I'm sick. I do use NyQuil at night; however, when I get to coughing. I refused to take any last night though, because I didn't want to feel like a drugged zombie again today. I was surprised that I didn't really do too much coughing through the night. I felt much less zombie-like today.

I worked in the library this afternoon from 12:30 to 3p. It was very quiet as they had a guest speaker at school wrapping up our month long Safa-Read. This lady has taken several trips to Africa and told about her adventures and showed many pictures. I wanted to listen to her, but I wasn't sure if I should since I was supposed to be working, but then a few minutes later, Juanita came down to tell me I should come up to the gym and listen. I went with her and I hadn't been in the gym 5 minutes when I started coughing. There were LOTS of kids in the gym, all 5 Kindergarten classes, all 5 1st grade classes, all 5 2nd grade classes and 2 3rd grade classes. Needless to say, it was HOT in the gym. When I get hot, my cough gets worse. It started to get out of control, I was starting to sweat and I was very worried that I was distracting everyone. Out of all of those kids in the gym, I was the only one coughing!!! They gave it to me for crying out loud! Anyway, I got up to go out into the hall to get a drink to see if that would help. As soon as I walked out of the gym I was coughing like crazy, got my drink from the water fountain and then went into the bathroom for a paper towel. When I came back out of the bathroom, I noticed that the television reporters were interviewing the principal, who was dressed in a lion costume, for the news. UGH! I can't believe I didn't see them before! I was embarrassed that I had spent some time in the lobby coughing while they were doing an interview! I quickly went back into the gym and as soon as I sat down I started coughing again. I whispered to Juanita that I was going to have to go back to the library because I was too hot and couldn't stop coughing. So much for hearing the guest speaker! Gage and Emma enjoyed listening to her and they told me they didn't even hear me coughing. I'm sure I was more worried about it than anyone else was, but I know how annoying it can be when you're trying to concentrate and listen to someone when there's someone else coughing their brains out. I watched the 6 o'clock news to see if Northridge was on, and they did show the interview and I did hear myself cough in the background. However, they must have done quite a bit of editing, because I didn't hear too much of it. I tried finding the video clip on the KFYR site, but only found a little write up. I'll see if I can find it later.

This evening we watched the Veggie-Tale movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything". Sounds good, huh? The kids liked it. They have seen it before so I threatened them that if anyone started telling me about what was going to happen before it did, then I was shutting it off. Gage caught himself once. It didn't really matter much, because I was fighting to keep my eyes open. Speaking of eyes, it was certainly evident by looking at poor little Emma's eyes, that she is now coming down with my cold. I knew it was going to happen because on Monday when we were at Gage's basketball practice I caught Emma just AFTER she took a drink out of my Gatorade bottle. I told her she was going to get sick and now it seems as though she is. I wish we could all just get sick at once and be done with it, instead of dragging it out over several weeks!

I'm sorry if I put you to sleep with my boring day.

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Kysa said...

oh....I wish you guys could open the windows and blow out the isn't fun being sick....Thanks for sending us some of your BS....(blowing snow)!!! Later gator....
Love always!!!