Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cricut 102

This morning when we were getting ready to leave for school, Grus, our gray cat slipped out the front door. On his way out, the door closed on his tail which apparently caused him to run off of the steps and into the snowbank. I heard Gage and Emma hollering for him like he took off running, so when I went to the door and opened it, he came scrambling back to the steps to get inside the house. Gage was quite concerned about him, not because he could have had his tail amputated, but because he didn't want him to get frostbite. The next thing I know I see the kids with Grus acting like he had a near-death experience.

I think Grus was eating up this attention. They covered him up with a warm blanket and snuggled him next to Emma's penguin. :-)

I had a good day at the library. Mrs. Schmidt had a meeting until noon, so she had left a "to-do" list on the desk for me and I really liked having it. There were alot of things "to-do" and I am very much a task-oriented kind of person. I tried my hardest to get it all done before she got back, but I lacked going through a few boxes of books and taking a table down and putting it into the lower gym. I was quite impressed with all of the work she did last night during teacher conferences. She had one cart that has been driving everyone nuts for quite some time, completely organized and mostly EMPTY! Juanita, you should come in and look at it before it gets piled up with books again!!! :-)

Tonight I went to Scrap Haven to attend a Cricut 102 class with my friend, Kara. We were cutting out Mickey, Pooh and Santa and layering them with 3-D dots. They turned out so cute I had to get a picture to put them on my blog. Kysa also requested I post them so she could check them out, so here you go!

Unfortunately I don't personally have any of the cartridges that were used to make these cut-outs, but I have several other ones that I could use to make different things. I have done the layering before, but never used the 3-D dots to make them "pop". I'll have to stick these guys on some blank notecards so I can mail them out to someone.

I was panicked before the class started; however. It was to begin at 6:00 and by 5:30 Scott still wasn't home from work. I tried calling his cell phone numerous times but kept getting his voice mail. At 6:40 Kara called to see if Scott had made it home yet because I had already called her to let her know Scott was MIA and that I might be late. I called my neighbor, Bonnie, a few minutes before 6:45 to see if the kids could come over there because I was going to be late for my Cricut class and Scott wasn't home yet. She was more than happy to have them come over. On my way to the class Scott called me to tell me he was on his way and that he didn't have service where he was and he kept getting stopped by people to chat on his way out. UGH! Why do people do that? Anyway, I made it to the class with pretty much no time to spare. Thankfully Kara saved me a spot next to her so we could chat and so I could borrow her cartridges! Thanks Kara! I learned a few things I didn't know about the machine, so that was good. I also learned that I need to put a new blade in it because it wasn't cutting the best. I guess I have used it more than I thought! It doesn't seem like I've had many chances to scrap, but I've done enough playing around with it that I've dulled a blade. I also got to use my new Cricut tote bag that I got for Christmas and I LOVE it! It's a really nice bag. If you didn't know, I'm kind of a "bag lady". I LOVE BAGS! Well, all except for the kind I've been finding underneath my eyes in the morning lately!

Tomorrow morning I have to take Gage in to the orthodontist to have his palate spreader put in place. They are going to fix his crossbite with that and hopefully things will work out well and he won't need braces later. That's probably wishful thinking. I've given them quite enough money the past couple of years! They said, and I agree, that it's much easier to fix those problems when they are young like Gage, instead of waiting until they are old like me!

We also have a Daisy meeting tomorrow after school. Then later in the evening we have Gage's Parent-teacher conferences. We had to reschedule Emma's for Friday after school because her time slot was right in the middle of our Daisy meeting, just like the last time! I don't know how that worked out like that twice! I'm hoping to get good reports!


Kysa said...

love your cut outs....they are awesome.....I'm glad the cat is ok...maybe you will find his tail on the floor someday when and if it falls off....ick!!!

Kysa said...

love your cut outs....they are awesome.....I'm glad the cat is ok...maybe you will find his tail on the floor someday when and if it falls off....ick!!!