Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cough Suppressant

*Note to self: Do not take cough medicine, EVEN if it says "Non-Drowsy Formula" before going to work.

I have been walking around like a zombie since about 30 minutes after lunch today. I now have a terrible cough that woke me up around 5am that didn't want to stop. I got up and took some DayQuil that was in the cupboard and expired back in 2003. I knew it was old because it was Albertson's brand and we haven't been to an Albertson's since we lived in Montana, which is over 6 years now! It actually seemed to work as my cough subsided and I was able to doze a bit before my alarm went off at 7am. My cough started back up just before lunchtime and I decided to take some of the cough medicine Scott bought at the store this morning to replace our expired DayQuil. I think it was just Robitussin, nothing major. But boy let me tell you, I have seriously been messed up since that started to kick in! I don't know how drug addicts can like this feeling. However, it was probably a good thing I was in a daze because library with the Kindergarteners today was a nightmare. "Thank the Lord Mrs. Schmidt was there with me!" There was some pushing and shoving going on which led to more pushing and shoving in the line to leave the library and one kid shoved the other so hard that he lost his balance and flew into the metal desk and conked his head pretty hard. I'm not quite sure I would have known what to do in that situation, but there was screaming and crying from both kids and it was an awful feeling. If I hadn't been in a daze, I might have kicked some a**!

We've had 5-6 more inches of snow to add to our record snowfall for the season. There is more to come. The kids griped the whole way to school this morning. They should have had to walk back home in it like I did, if they wanted something to really complain about! I had to take my glasses off because I couldn't see through them. I needed windshield wipers to clear the BS (blowing snow..................our local meteorologist seems to love that term) from my glasses. It was also pretty cold. It was a cold walk home as well, but thankfully it wasn't snowing (or blizzarding) at that time.

I suppose I should get this foggy head of mine to bed and see if I can't sleep this feeling off for a better day tomorrow!?

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