Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday Acolyte

This evening Gage had his debut as an Acolyte during the Ash Wednesday church service. He was quite excited about it all evening and I didn't have to ask him twice to get his clothes on to get ready to go to church!

I can't believe how grown up this little guy is! We are so proud of him!

Pastor Jake and Gage prior to the church service. (Darn it! I didn't realize I had caught Pastor Jake with his eyes closed.)

Before the service started, we did a practice run with Gwen, Pastor Jake's wife, just to be sure Gage remembered what he was supposed to do.

He remembered exactly what he was to do. He told me, "Mom, I've been watching the Acolyte for a long time, so I know what they do!"

Gage takes this job very seriously!

He nearly knocked this candle over when he was done putting it out, so needless to say, I was quite nervous that he might set the church on fire! I asked Gwen if she had the firetruck on standby just in case.

Gage with Pastor Jake and Rev. Vicki at the beginning of the service.

Gage did a wonderful job. He wasn't nervous at all. Several people came up to him after the service asking him if this was the first time he has been an Acolyte and told him that he did a great job. I think he really liked that people noticed.
After the service Gage reminded me that he had a job to do. He was supposed to get the bible markers and Pastor Jake's binder and return them to his office, as one of his jobs for earning his Wolf badge in Cub Scouts. When he went back into the sanctuary to get Pastor Jake's things, he heard Jake talking to the members as they came up to him after the service. He went to tell Jake that his mircophone was still on and Gage said that Pastor Jake told him those were the kinds of things he needed to watch out for. LOL!
Bedtime was a little late tonight, but it was for a good cause. When Gage got home and got his p.j.'s on he said, "I love being an Acolyte!" There are several Acolytes, so I'm not sure when Gage will get his turn again, but I can assure you he will be ready.
Today I had an appointment with Dr. Warford. He said things were looking good and they said I could decrease my retainer wear to 18 hours/day. I had them out from noon until 8pm (a little too long) and I could sure tell it when I put them back in! It's amazing how quickly your teeth can shift! It was a nice break I must admit.


Kara said...

Good job Gage! He does look so grown up! Sorry we missed him in his "debut!"

Kysa said...

Good Job Gage!!!
Kysa, Dustin and Colton!!!