Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 things I love about Gage

In my spare time, which isn't much lately, I enjoy reading blogs. I read Emily's sister's blog and really liked her idea about posting the things she loves about her family in tribute to the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday and I wanted to do the same. I've been putting it off for a couple of days because I wanted to think a little bit about it. I decided I would start my series of 3 blog postings about what I love about my family. I will start with Gage and they aren't in any specific order.

1. I love the way Gage thinks and how witty he can be.

2. I love the way Gage cherishes his "kie" (blankie) and that he knows what a precious treasure it is, as it was given to him by our dear friend, Julie, who died of cancer. I love the way it soothes him when he sticks his fingers (and his toes when he was a little guy) through the holes and grips it with his hands. I also love that he still carries it around with him in the mornings when he wakes up and at night before he goes to bed.

3. I love how passionate Gage is about reading books.

4. I love how thoughtful he can be towards his sister when he buys things for her in his classroom store with the pretend money he has earned by doing extra work.

5. I love how Gage makes friends so easily and how important they are to him. I also love that he tries so hard not to hurt any of their feelings when they are fighting over him to be their partner in group activities and picks a person by using "eeny meeny miney moe".

6. I love how Gage loves his family. I love hearing about how different things remind him of his cousins and grandparents, and even though he knows smoking it bad for your health, that he admits he likes the smell of cigarette smoke because it reminds him of his Grandma Pipi. :-)

7. I love how Gage plays with his action figures and his Lego guys and watching him make them battle against each other.

8. I love to watch him interact with our pets and how close they are to his heart.

9. I love the way he can make me feel so good by doing the little things.

10. I love watching Gage think and seeing how he lights up when he figures something out. I love that he is smart and that learning comes easy to him and that he enjoys it.

There are so many more things that I love about Gage, but I can't name them all. These are just 10 random things that I love about him.

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