Monday, February 9, 2009

Emma can't sleep and I need HELP!

It was a treacherous walk to school this morning. The temperature was mild, but we had some rain throughout the night and there were many slick spots that nearly took me out. Even Gage and Emma had a couple near falls. Our walks often make me think about the mail carriers and about how much I'm sure they appreciate people who do a good job with snow removal. We aren't amongst the best, but I try. I know without a doubt, however, that we do a better job than a couple of the houses that are near the school. As I was walking down the hill after dropping the kids off, only to have to walk back to the school in about 45 minutes, I nearly gave an oncoming car quite a laugh as I almost bit the dirt. Thankfully I caught myself.

I can't remember who it was, or what it was that they said exactly, but someone had told me of a sure way that I could get Emma to fall asleep at night. If any of my readers happen to be that person, I would appreciate you telling me again what the magic trick is. I am almost to the point where I dread bedtime with Emma. We now have her mattress on the floor, underneath her dollhouse bed. She wants her old bed set up, but that can't happen. For one, the box spring for her old bed is being stored at Tuttle, and for two, we don't have room to store the dollhouse bed. Now when I walk by her room to either go down to the basement, or to the downstairs bathroom, I'll find her standing on her head on her mattress with her legs crossed pretzel style with her bottom flat on the underside of her bed, where her mattress used to be. She tells me she doesn't know how to stop thinking and doesn't know how to fall asleep. I assured her that standing on her head, upside down with her butt on the bottom side of her bed isn't the best way to try and fall asleep. So, whoever it was that had the tip on how to get Emma to sleep, please speak up. I'm getting to the point where I might have to start spiking her drink at suppertime with a sedative!! I need HELP!

I had volleyball tonight and played against a few ladies that I have played with in the past. We won 2 out of 3 matches, so I was glad we came out on top. It was still drizzling out and I believe it's supposed to start snowing tonight through Wednesday, so the roads and sidewalks aren't going to be much fun tomorrow.

I have the day off of work tomorrow and I have tons of things to do to get ready for Emma's birthday party. Our plan is to have her party at Papa's Polar Patch (a.k.a. Papa's Pumpkin Patch), but it's not looking like we'll have the best weather. They are calling for 13 degrees and snow. They do have a warming house available, thankfully. I don't want to have to change the plans at the last minute and call all of the parents, so please pray with me that we have good weather on Saturday. I guess I'd rather have it colder than warmer like today, because I hate the wet, melting snow. Wet snow and kids don't mix well in my opinion. Maybe it will work out just right and we could have the perfect snow for building a snowman? Emma would LOVE that. However, I'm sure she would want to bring it home to put in our own yard! :-)


Jari said...

I know my situation is totally different from yours sis but the only thing we found to work for seth is medication. His brain never shuts off and it goes so darn fast from one thing to another that he would go for days without sleeping and never be tired, he would be grumpy and have terrible acting out but not tired. You should talk to your pediatrician or find a book with suggestions to try, and keep trying to get out of Emma what the trouble is and what it is she is thinking about maybe it is something that with a little reassurance can help calm her little brain. Good luck Love ya JJ

Jari said...
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Kysa said...

My kids fall asleep within 5 minutes of putting them to bed....except for the weekend....they can stay up later than me....haha!!!!!
Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

My kids rarely sleep (8 & almost 11 years)! Actually, they're getting better, but we still have issues. We've got it down now:
Bedtime 9pm. In bed no excuses. They have 15 minutes to read, (or I read to them), talk, whatever. After 15 mins, hugs and kisses, lights off, goodnight! I don't look in on them; they cannot get up unless it is an emergency. (Our emergencies are: Fire, flood, blood! Ha.) If they cannot go to sleep they can do whatever with the lights off and still in their rooms.

Sometimes we still have issues, but it works most of the time.