Friday, February 6, 2009

BINGO for Books

I can't even believe that I forgot to take my camera to BINGO for Books! UGH! Mrs. Schmidt took a picture of us while we were there, so maybe I can get her to email me a copy of it? I don't do many one picture layouts, but I really like the ones I've seen done. I can never take just one picture. I guess I'm kind of like Ruffles potato chips.

We had a good time. Both Emm and Gage got a BINGO so that was good. I think this was the first year we have gotten any! Emma came back from the prize table with candy! I didn't even know there was candy on the prize table! I had Gage go exchange it for a book. We told Emma we came for books, NOT CANDY! She wasn't too happy about it, but she soon got over it.

I worked in the library today and had a good day. The library is being turned into a "Safa-READ" and there are alot of fun things they will be doing this month, including a reading contest. The class who reads the most books gets to choose what the principal will be dressing up as at school one day. I heard one class talking about dressing Mr. Olson up like Elmo. That would be pretty funny!

The weather was beautiful again today. We were hot and sweaty on our walk home from school. You know it's been too cold for too long when the 30-40 degree weather feels like summer! I hate the slushy melting mess we have going on outside though. This is my least favorite time of year because of that....................and because of shedding animals!

Emma has a birthday party and sleepover tomorrow. She made it through the rest of the week without getting in trouble at school, so we'll see how it goes. Gage is requesting to have a friend from school sleepover with him since Emma is sleeping over at a friend's house. He wants his friend, Alexandra............................yes, that is right, AlexanDRA not AlexanDER, to spend the night. Hmmm. I saw her parents this morning after dropping the kids off at school and they didn't seem to think it would be a problem. She is such a nice girl and her parents are very nice as well. He is a minister at a Methodist church in town. What is it that they say about the "preacher's kids"? I think Alexandra may stay overnight with us tomorrow night, but I will have to confirm those plans sometime tomorrow. I'm in trouble when he turns 16 and is still wanting to have girls spend the night! YIKES! That scares me to death!

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