Saturday, February 7, 2009

Minus one, plus one!

Today Emma finally made it to the birthday party/sleepover. I guess I won't be able to use that against her anymore..............not that it worked too well anyway! It was kind of weird dropping her off knowing I wouldn't see her until tomorrow morning. It was strangely quiet in the house this afternoon. As soon as Gage got home from playing at a friend's house, he wanted to know if his other friend, Alexandra, was going to be able to come over for a sleepover at our house. I called her Mom and left a message on the answering machine and then we just waited. Gage seemed kind of bored without Emma around to pester him and he even got his winter gear on and just played in the front yard awhile. Not too long after that, Alexandra called and Gage was thrilled to learn that she was going to be able to spend the night with us.

They had a little time to play before supper and then after supper we watched The Wizard of Oz, since she had never seen that movie before.

Scott (sleeping), Gage and Alexandra watching The Wizard of Oz. They were pretty engrossed in the movie so it was a quiet night as well.

After the movie it was time for bed. After reading a couple of stories, they spent a little time giggling before they fell asleep.
Now, I wonder how long I should wait up to see if Emma decides she needs to come home from her sleepover in the middle of the night. It wasn't until I was a little older that I was able to stay overnight at a friend's house, all night. One of my friends lived right across the street from us and I would leave in the middle of the night to walk home without telling anyone. I would always get creeped out because my friend's Mom had some sort of medical issue that forced her to wear wigs. I didn't know that at the time and it was totally freaky seeing fake heads with her hair on them! Maybe that's why I think hair is overrated to this day? :-) The one time Gage spent the night with his friend, Grant (a few years ago now), I had to go get him around 11pm, so I think it runs in the family. Although Gage did spend the night with his cousin Colton while we were in Iowa over Christmas, so maybe he's outgrown that now? There's just no place like home in my opinion.
If, by chance, Emma makes it through the night, we plan to go get her around 8:30a so she can go to church with us. Tomorrow is going to be a cranky day, I can feel it.

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