Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night I was just too tired and lazy to come downstairs to post on my blog, so I asked Scott if he wanted to. His eyes lit up and after learning my password, he came right downstairs.

He was down here a long time so it must not have been as easy as he thought, to write down the 10 things he loves about me! :-) I'm sure he could have had 10 things he hates about me done pretty quick. LOL! Just kidding Scott! Actually, come to think of it, I'm quite sure Emma could have had 10 things she hates about me filled out in a matter of seconds, as I'm sitting here looking at a note she wrote to me the other night that says, "I hate you. I will brak the pishs (dishes) Love Up stars (upstairs) Emma. Bad Mom BAD BAD!" I can't wait to show her all of these notes one day, when she's calling me asking what she should do about her child who hates her!

I thought it was pretty funny, when I'm reading Scott's post, that one of the things he loves about me happens to be one of the things I hate about myself. The one about how "self-less" I am. I get myself into so many different things and often wonder why the heck I said yes.

We had a pretty good week. Not much going on tomorrow, but we have a ton of things on the schedule for Sunday. Scott is out of town until Sunday morning, so hopefully I can keep the kids from killing each other before he gets home. I seem to be pretty tired this evening, so maybe if I get to bed at a decent time, I'll have more patience to deal with them tomorrow!

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