Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pinewood Derby 2009

Today was the big day for Gage's Pinewood Derby car! He's been so excited about racing his car. It did very well and placed 2nd in all 6 races it ran! It came down the hill in the lead, but was always overtaken by one car in the last 4 feet or so.

Here you can see Gage's car as it is barely in the lead (the blue car closest to us).

This year everyone won a trophy which was a big hit with the boys. Out of the 5 boys in our den 4 of them won first place trophies! We definitely had some fast cars in our group!

Gage proudly displays his trophy and car with our new Cubmaster.

T.J., Gage, Tyson, Brycen and Cameron (in front).

Gage designed his car himself and drew the pattern he wanted Scott to cut out of the block of wood and he also drew the stripes he wanted on the car, and then he and Scott taped and painted it.

It will be interesting to see how his car will do at the Spring Scout Show in April when the competition is a little stiffer.

Gage was excited to add his Pinewood Derby trophy to the shelf in his room which houses his hockey trophies!
At the end, siblings and Dads were allowed to race their cars. Scott didn't build a car this year and Emma used her car from last year. Once again, Emma's car didn't lose a single race!

The Love Bug is way out in the lead and you can see Gage's car neck and neck for second and third place.

I'm pretty sure Emma won't be giving up her Love Bug any time in the near future!
Tonight we attended our annual dinner at church put on by the Friendship Committee. It was delicious food and they had Karaoke for the entertainment. It was actually a lot of fun. Our table went up to sing Sweet Caroline, which was the ONLY way I would go up front to sing, with a group and standing behind Scott! :-) Gage and Emma were the only kids present for the free child care, so they were definitely outnumbered at 15 Presbyteens to the 2 of them! They were definitely up too late and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow.

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Kysa said...

Good job proud of you all....if we lived up there Scott would really be busy with cars..... :0)