Thursday, February 19, 2009

Warning: Guest Blogger at the Keyboard

OK, so this is Scott at the keyboard tonight. I think Stacy must have had a weak moment and asked me if I wanted to be a guest blogger tonight so I jumped at the chance. Wow, so much power and so many, what to write about??

Well, I'll admit that I really like Stacy's "10 Random Things" posts so I'll have to take advantage and do my version for her. I could have done the dishwasher fairy because I really dig it when that chick shows up but I better do Stacy instead or I'll be buying Frappucinos;)

10 Random Things I love about Stacy

1. I love how dedicated she is to being engaged in the kids' lives. She always ensures they have opportunities to explore any activity that they might enjoy. I hope the kids recognize how luck they are some day. She makes it so easy for me by always having things under control.

2. I love how self-less Stacy is in helping other people. She is always volunteering for something like meals on wheels, taking pictures of new members at church or something to help someone else.

3. I love the way Stacy is willing to let me bribe my way out of trouble with a Frappucino from Starbucks.

4. I love that Stacy is willing to let me spend time doing things that I care deeply about.

5. I love that Stacy is willing to cut me slack for all the times that I mess up, forget things, or do something stupid.

6. I love that Stacy makes sure that for every birthday she bakes a special cake for Gage and Emma. I know they'll look back fondly on those cakes as proof of how much their mother loves them and how special they are to her.

7. I love that Stacy invests the time and energy to document the special times in our lives with her scrapbooking. Her work is truly invaluable already and helps me to remember very special times that I would have completely forgotten about without her efforts.

8. I love that Stacy allowed me to buy a whole house to have for duck hunting and that she is willing to spend time there and mow the whole big yard even when it's 90 degrees out.

9. I love when Stacy just takes time to just sit by me or lay with me (especially in the hammock).

10. I love that Stacy causes me to strive to be a better husband and dad by the example that she sets.

I love you so much Stacy!

Now, you'll have to give me another guest blogger chance to really go wild!



Emily Jennings said...

Ahhhhhh...Scott, how sweet! You do have a wonderful wife! I whole heartedly agree with you on all your points.

Kysa said...

Wow...I'm tearing up guys are so sweet...and to even put that awesome picture on the blog....I'd say you know all the bells and whistles on this blog area of the computer!!!!
THANKS for being my relative!!! Love ya all!!!
Stacy your picture is a great one....such a great smile and pretty glasses too.....and they are not hand me down glasses either!!!!

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