Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

Emma received 2 $10 gift certificates to the Grand Theater for her birthday on Saturday and the certificates have been burning a hole in her pocket ever since. This morning Gage caught me while I was on the computer and asked if I could look online to see what movies were showing at the Grand Theater. Hotel for Dogs was one of the movies showing, which is also suitable for kids. I promised the kids we could go to the movie if there was good behavior today while we were meeting with Pastor Jake about different things Gage can do for the church, for one of his Wolf badge requirements. They both did very well, so we went to the movie afterwards. We had to go to the 4:40 show because we were still at the church when the 2:25 show started. I wasn't thrilled about going at that time, as I knew it would interfere with supper, but I did make a promise, and a promise is a promise. The movie was really good and we all three enjoyed it. You should definitely consider taking your kids to the movie. I don't know how they got that many dogs to cooperate at one time; it was quite impressive! I'm guessing there had to be some trick videography going on. The kids already knew the names of the main characters (dogs) in the movie because they have seen them at McDonald's in the Happy Meals. Mom and Dad, I really think you would enjoy the movie as well. You should consider making a date out of your next cigarette run to Maryville and go to the Hangar and watch it! :-)

Today when we were meeting with Pastor Jake, Gage found out there are several things he can do to help out at the church. He asked about being an Acolyte and Pastor Jake took some time to train him to do that job while we were there. Emma is very jealous about Gage being able to walk down the aisle at church carrying a flame. I think the church will be much safer if Emma has to wait until she is 7 to be an Acolyte, like the rules state. Some of the other jobs Gage has at church now is to make sure all of the little pencils in the pews are in good working condition and to replace the ones that aren't. He will also be returning Pastor Jake's binder and bible markers to Jake's office from the pulpit after the service. Even Emma has been assigned a job, which is to make sure that the prayer cards that are in the pews where we sit in the balcony have not been drawn or written on. :-) Gage also suggested that maybe the purple activity bags available for the kids to use during the church service be stocked with blank paper so that the prayer cards where we sit in church may remain free of pencil sketches of Star Wars characters dueling with light sabres. Another job for Gage is to interview new church members' kids (if they have any) when I call new members to set up a time for pictures and a little interview for the new television located in the Narthex. Looks like I earned several jobs myself..................to make sure Gage and Emma do their jobs.

To answer your question, Kysa, there hasn't been a whole lot of improvement in Emma's sleeping habits. She apparently has ink pens stashed in various locations about her bedroom, so that she has a spare when I take the one that is out in plain view when I'm reading bedtime stories, so that she can write us notes to bring us while she's supposed to be trying to go to sleep. Tonight she brought Scott a note that read, "Keep Aoot Dad onleen Mom & Gage can come in. Love, Emma PS fin Dad can come in. Love, Emma" (In case you need a little help translating she wrote "Keep Out Dad. Only Mom & Gage can come in. Love, Emma PS Fine, Dad can come in. Love, Emma" LOL! Her next note she brought up to Scott said, "Kan you lae with me Love Emma" (she also drew a little heart behind her name). Last night's note said, "I het you viree much" I doubt I need to translate that one. Emma's teacher commented at her conferences about Emma being VERY GOOD at inventive spelling. I suppose it's because of all the notes she brings us while she's supposed to be sleeping!


Kara said...

Go Gage! He has some VERY important jobs! :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie!

Kysa said...

Stacy...tell mom and dad to come and pick me and my boys up on the next cig run so we can go with them to the movie!!!!

Kysa said...

10 things I Love about Stacy:
1.Always willing to be my therapist! 2.Makes the beautifullest cakes ever! 3. Great scrapbooker! 4. Solution maker! 5. Always willing to take in visitors and so inviting for us to come her way!!! 6. Getting very chatty when having a drink on 4th of July! (gets that from her Mother... 7. Always acts like you didn't wake her up in the AM when you know you did...haha!! 8. Excellent Keriokee singer..haha 9. Awesome sister/aunt.... 10. Webkinz Queen of all Webkinz!!!