Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl/Wii Party

Yesterday afternoon our friends, Steve and Laura, and their kids, Ellie and Alan, came over for a Wii/Superbowl Party. I hate football, so I wasn't too interested in the Superbowl part of it. We had a good time playing the Wii, however. We did a little of everything, including bowling, tennis, boxing, Rockband, Handbells and Clone Wars. Rockband is always a big hit and I thought I should post this video of Scott and Steve rockin out.

I was glad to send the kids back to school today. Gage was quite a mess yesterday after getting to bed late on Saturday. We had several go-rounds with him and he was just being mouthy and defiant. Thankfully today was a better day. Gage has always been a good eater and lately he has been a real pain in the butt at supper time. He claims every night that he doesn't like what I've prepared. I'm praying this is just a phase that we are going to get through. Unfortunately for Gage, he either eats what we have on the table, or he goes hungry. Last week before we left for gymnastics, I had mentioned that Scott was going to be fixing taco salads for supper and I remember both Gage and Emma being happy about that. I thought maybe we should do the same thing today, since I know they both like taco salads. Gage claims that Emma was the only person who said that last week and was ticked about having taco salads for supper. He ate very little of his supper so I'm sure he'll be quite hungry in the morning. He now claims he doesn't like cooked vegetables. It all seems to be a texture thing in my opinion. He's been complaining about "mushy" foods. It's totally wearing me out.

As I was looking through Gage's Cub Scout Wolf handbook this evening, one of the things we need to have Gage do is plan all of the meals for one day, making sure he chooses foods from all the food groups. I've decided this is a perfect time for him to do this, since he seems to not like anything I fix. I'll let him do the planning! He will also have to help fix at least one of these meals, so this should be a good thing for him. He will also have to help plan, prepare and cook an outdoor meal eventually, but it's probably a good idea to wait for warmer weather. It was pretty unpleasant this morning walking to school in -4 degree temps so I can't imagine grilling out and having and outdoor picnic sounds like too much fun. We'll have to wait until spring for that one.

Today was the 100th day of school. The kids were excited about it. Emma took 100 goldfish crackers to add to their 100th day of school snack mix. Her class got to do several fun things. Gage complained that his class didn't get to do too much. He said they paraded through the classroom to see each kids' collection of 100 things. He wasn't happy because he said he didn't have enough time to set up all 100 of his Lego dudes. That would take quite awhile to do, so I don't think he would have had enough time to do that, regardless. I sure don't remember celebrating the 100th day of school when I was growing up!? Did any of you?

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