Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 6th Valenbirthday Emma!

Today was almost as bad as terms of getting up too early, that is. Gage and Emma were awake before 7am, ready to open gifts. Of course I didn't get my butt out of bed until a little later. I did have to get up earlier than I wanted to because I still had a cake to decorate! Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Emma was kind enough to let Gage help her open her presents. I think she remembered that Gage let her help him when it was his birthday, so she wanted to return the favor. I like it when they do nice things for each other!

Emma was totally excited to open up a new Webkinz! Aunt Kysa sent this cute little love monkey in the mail a few days ago and Emma has been hounding me every day to open it. Finally I let her!

Because it is also Valentine's Day, Gage also got a gift. A bag full of books! I heard him talking to Dustin on the phone this morning and Dustin must have asked Gage what he got for Valentine's Day and I heard Gage say, "I just got books. I didn't get a Webkinz." :-( Poor thing! I know he's happy about the books though.

Grizzy loves Emma's new overnight bag that she received from a friend who was unable to attend the party today.

Emma getting long distance birthday wishes in her new birthday outfit. Daisy Scout clothes! :-)

So here is Emma's birthday cake this year! What do you think? I thought it turned out pretty cute, and I didn't even have to make a second one due to hungry dogs!

My favorite part of this cake is the snowman's nose. I was so simple to do. It is just an ice cream cone, frosted with orange tinted frosting, then rolled in orange colored sugar. The rosy cheeks are flattened strawberry starbursts that I shaped into a circle. The pink on the hat was an edible spraypaint. It was pretty easy to use!

Mom and Emma with her snowman birthday cake!

We headed out to Papa's Polar Patch for Emma's birthday party. It was somewhere around 5-15 degrees I think? It was kind of chilly, but in my opinion it was beautiful out! There was practically no wind, and that is unusual for North Dakota, especially if you have an outdoor event planned!
Emma and her friends Kiana and Maddie sitting on a bale of hay with the kitty who lives at the Polar Patch. Emma said she wanted to trade Grizzy for this cat. Poor Grizzy! I think even though he has mental problems, he looks better than this one!

Kara, Jadyn and Kya take a ride on the old-fashioned sleigh ride. A.K.A. sledding on a car hood! :-) Hold on tight girls!

Emma was very excited to open up all of her gifts. Kara was taking pictures for me and she did a great job! Thanks Kara! There were so many good photos to choose from, I had a hard time selecting only one!

They were even giving Horse-drawn sleigh rides! (not free of charge of course!)

After the group took off in the horse-drawn sleigh, I asked Scott if he wanted to ride with me on the car hood! The driver asked, "Mild or wild?" We chose wild and boy was it fun! I don't think I could have wiped that smile off of my face, even if I tried!

The kids LOVED this sleigh ride! However, at a dollar per kid per ride, we had to shut it down after awhile! I felt bad telling everyone we had to find something else to do for awhile that was free of charge!

Everyone was definitely tuckered out after this birthday party. Emma ended up getting so cold that she couldn't take it anymore. The party was nearly over anyway, and we were just waiting for people to come get their children when she melted down. Scott took her to the car to get her warmed up and she was crying hysterically, I was told. I'm glad I didn't have to sit in there and listen to her! She lost her good, warm mittens at school (surprise, surprise!), so she had to use some others that aren't too great at keeping hands warm. Her poor hands were beat red.

Exhausted Emma on our ride home!
I took a video of Emma, Jadyn and Kylie on the sled ride as I was riding the mule (I'm not sure what else you call it for those of you who don't know what a mule is.....................and no, it's not a cross between a donkey and a horse!) I nearly fell off at one point as it was quite a wild ride. I'm attempting to download it right now, but it's taking forever. It was over 3 minutes long and I don't think blogger can handle that big of a video? We attempted YouTube and was unsuccessful there too. I'll give it a little while before I give up.

I cannot believe it worked! If you tend to have motion sickness, I would probably NOT watch the video! LOL!

The birthday party was really a lot of fun. I think it was the most fun one we've had so far?! The kids were shot, and so were Scott and I for that matter!

Emma chose to have her birthday supper at Space Aliens. I forgot my camera, but seriously, I have over 100 pictures that were taken today, so I don't think anyone will notice? I am kicking myself over one photo I didn't take though. I ALWAYS take a picture of the group together and I totally spaced it this time. It would have been a cute one too, with everyone all bundled up!

I've got to go to bed. We are teaching Sunday school to the preschool class all this month and I'm glad it's half over.

I'll have to post about the 10 things I love about Scott tomorrow. He made me mad a little while ago, so tonight was probably not the best night to do that anyway!


Kysa said...

love your new glasses Stacy....they are awesome...that looked like loads of fun....I just don't do cold very well...think I'd rather had spent the time in the van with it running on high heat..... :o) Glad you had a great birthday Emma......

Emily Jennings said...

You make the best cakes!
I love your glasses too, and your hair!
I HATE that we missed the party. Boo-hoo.