Sunday, March 15, 2009

Check this out

My sisters, Jari Jo and Kysa, have been Facebook junkies the past few days. They are finding people from our past and somehow came across this picture on someone's Facebook page.

I am the first person in the second row. Yes, the tall one in the dorky hat! LOL! I'm not sure how old I was when this Pee Wee Softball picture was taken, but I'm guessing around 2nd or 3rd grade. We moved from Moorhead, Iowa to Clearfield (where my parents live now) at the end of my 5th grade year, so I know this had to be a couple years earlier than that. Who would have known, from looking back that that photo, that I would turn out halfway normal! LOL!

I remember these good 'ol days. Softball was about the only sport available for us to play at this age, that I remember anyway. If there were others, I probably didn't care about them because I enjoyed softball the most. I still enjoy it, along with volleyball.

Gage had a birthday party to go to this afternoon and Emma was fit to be tied about it. She wanted to go so bad it hurt me to see her so sad. Scott ended up just taking Gage by himself so we didn't have a huge scene at the hotel swimming pool. The pool was the big reason she was upset. She didn't care that she went to 3 birthday parties last weekend, one being a sleepover, she said this one was the bestest because it was a swimming party. We had a rough morning getting ready for church. She said the outfit she had to wear made her look like a jerk. I guess I don't know what a jerk looks like? I thought she looked very cute. I should have taken her picture in it, because I'm sure I'll probably never get it on her again!

Scott leaves tomorrow for a business trip to D.C. He will be gone all week, until around noon on Friday, so it is going to be a LONG one! The kids have their last day of spring break tomorrow, so at least they will be in school the rest of the week to give me a little break. We are supposed to have some warmer weather all week, with a few possible days of rain or snow, so maybe we can get outside and burn off some of this energy that has been building up all winter long.

Thursday is the day my Mom and Dad meet with the vascular surgeon to see when her surgery, carotid endarterectomy, will be scheduled since she passed the cardiac stress test this past Tuesday. Keep me posted Mom and Dad, about what's going on.

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Kysa said...

You know Stacy....I probably took you to those practices on my horse....Do you remember that....You probably had to stand in the back row cuz you had the horse hair legs and couldn't be in the front...haha!!!!
Love Kysa
PS: LOVE OUR MOMMA AND PAPPA!!! We are the luckiest people to have such great super great parents....