Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cross-Training Basketball Camp

As I mentioned yesterday, Gage attended a free Cross-training basketball camp at the YMCA yesterday morning.

Gage has never been interested in basketball and wasn't sure he wanted to play when some classmates of him asked if he would play on their team. He has never really cared for it because when he goes outside to shoot baskets he can never make any because our hoop is at regulation height and we can't adjust it because it is attached to our roof. I can't really blame him much, as it isn't any fun if you can NEVER make baskets.

Last Monday was his first basketball practice and he said he really liked it. The hoops are lower and he was able to make a few baskets. That, apparently, was quite encouraging. However, because he hasn't ever really been interested, it shows in his dribbling ability. YIKES! He was almost like the Bad News Bears of Basketball! Actually, he WAS the Bad News Bears of Basketball! However, I see him improving each time he tries and that is what is important, as well as having fun.

This is a Christian-based basketball camp put on by Bob Upgren. I didn't realize that was the same guy we had as a guest speaker at church a year or so ago, who did a chalk art drawing that was quite amazing.

All of the kids were divided into groups and went to the different stations to learn defensive moves and ball handling skills.

Gage must think he's playing baseball where we are always telling him "keep your eye on the ball!" I'll have to let him know that statement doesn't apply to basketball when you're dribbling down the court! :-)

Nice! I just noticed as I was trying to think of something to write with this picture that the kid closest to the camera has some issues with his butt! Too bad I don't know who it is, otherwise I would print out an extra copy of this photo for his parents. I'm sure they would be quite proud! LOL!

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