Monday, March 9, 2009


Today has not been one of my most graceful days. This morning after the kids were at school and before I had to go to work, I was going down to the basement to put a load of clothes in the dryer. On my way down, I took a tumble. It was dark and I thought I was at the bottom, but I had one more step to go. Oh man did that hurt! Thankfully I landed on my knees instead of my face, but it was close. I totally jarred my neck and my back and have been quite sore this evening. I was most upset about burning the knee of my pants. Apparently there was quite a bit of friction between my knee and the concrete floor! Thankfully there is no hole because it's one of my favorite pair of pants. Maybe I can take a black sharpie marker and color it back to black instead of the brownish-gray color it is. I have certainly not been known for my grace! It carried on through until tonight while we were playing volleyball. Thankfully we won 2 out of 3 matches, but it wasn't because of anything I did, that's for sure!

Gage had basketball practice after school and then we had our last gymnastics class of the session. I decided not to sign neither Gage or Emma up for the next session of gymnastics. I have Emma signed up for spring soccer and I'm sure the 2 would end up overlapping, like basketball and gymnastics have for the last 3 weeks. She isn't very happy with me because she really likes it. She said to me, "But Mom, I want to get good at it like those big girls!" I did feel bad, but I think we'll be okay waiting until the fall sessions to start back up.

Tonight after supper, I could tell it was going to be "one of those nights". Emma was being a little obstinate and I just knew she was never going to go to sleep. I have been asking Scott to read about melatonin use in children for a couple of days without much luck. I decided that I would split the 3mg tablet into fourths. Scott was confident that wouldn't do anything and she was being a booger about taking the medicine. She said she would take it if I took some. Well, knowing I had volleyball tonight, I knew I better not. Since Scott was so confident that a fourth of a pill wasn't going to do anything, he took one so she would. We put the kids in bed and I read to Gage while Scott read to Emma. When I came out of Gage's room and peeked into Emma's, it looked to me like she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open while Scott was reading. She was out like a light within about 20 minutes after taking the quarter of a pill. Okay, I've been worried about it and wondering if I should. However, it worked so well that I want to give this stuff a try. I'm going to link a few of the sites I've read for you to look at so you can give me your opinion. Click here and here and here and here and here. I'm sure you won't have enough time to read all of those, or maybe you could do your own seach about melatonin use in children and let me know what you find. I don't know why I feel like I'm doing something illegal because Emma's pediatrician suggested we try this and I trust her whole-heartedly. I'd just like someone to do a little reading and give me your opinion. Scott read a little this evening after Emma went to sleep so easily, but he didn't specifically read about it's use in children. Maybe he did while I was at volleyball? Or, maybe the quarter of a pill he took to get Emma to take hers had him out like a light as well? Maybe I'll start slipping a little melatonin into everyone's supper? :-)

Tomorrow morning my Mom is scheduled for her cardiac stress test. Please know, Mom, that I am thinking about you and praying everything goes well. I know it will. I wish I could be there. Let me know how it goes. We'll be home after school and have no activities planned for the evening. We love you!


Jari said...

From what I have read, I would give it. It seems to me the good outweigh the bad and the bad isn't all that bad. I may try it on seth as he doesn't rest well while he sleeps. We give him clonidine 0.25mg at 6 so he will be asleep by 8. Don't feel guilty for trying to do something good for your child. Don't worry about what others say either. They don't live in your situation so they have no place to judge you. I was once told only surround yourself with postivie supportive people. Noone else serves a purpose in your life. Sleep is a very important thing to have in life. Days with short amounts if any sleep prove to be bad unproductive days for all involved. Trust me I know on that one. I support you in your decision what ever you decide. And who knows maybe a week or two on it will be enough to get her into a schedule that you may be able to dicontinue the use of the melatonin. Let me know on your progress. Love ya #3

Scott said...


I have looked over the articles and it sounds like it is fine to use occasionally to help get kids to sleep. Maybe we can try it for several days and then try without to compare how things go. If the effect is as obvious as we think it might be, it should be easy to see the difference.


Emily Jennings said...'ve got a funny husband!

Do you think that if you give it to her that her body will learn how to go to sleep better? I haven't read the articles yet, but is it addictive? NOT in the drug abuse sense...I mean like will she always have to have to fall asleep easily?

Stacy said...

That's what the info says, that it is to be used short-term and it will help their body get into more of a routine. The Melatonin just makes your body react to the darkness I guess? I don't think it's addictive for the kids, but I do think it can be addictive for the parents giving it to the kids since it worked so MIRACULOUSLY last night!