Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I've missed posting on my blog. Sorry about that. Mom is probably the only one who noticed anyway! :-) The kids got to bed super late last night. Gage had 2 birthday parties to attend, one was right after school until 5:30 and the next one started at 5:30 and went until 8:30. He got home late and then he wanted to stay up to play a game of chess with Scott's Dad, since they are here this weekend.

Emma was very excited about attending her Daisy Tea Party today for Girl Scouts. All but one of the girls in our troop was there and they were all grouped together to go around to the different stations, so I think they all had a pretty good time since they knew everyone in their group. Their last station was cookie decorating and that's always a big hit with Emma. She had so many sprinkles on her cookie it wasn't even funny. She certainly could have had a sugar overdose with just one cookie!

Scott and his Dad have been working on projects most of the day. They did a few repairs on our garage door, but I think it's on its last leg and this will just buy us a little more time before we have to install a new one. We've been having troubles with it all winter and if it's really cold out the stupid thing won't close unless you go inside the garage and hold that button down until it gets all the way down to the floor. They shortened the cupboard above our refrigerator because some friends of ours are getting rid of their old one (which is better than our current one) and getting new, so we are going to buy it and put it in our kitchen and take our current one to Tuttle. Their fridge is bigger than ours so we needed to shorten the cupboard above it to make it fit. Usually a visit here isn't much of a vacation for Scott's Dad because we always put him to work.

Not much else going on here.

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