Friday, March 6, 2009

Is no news good news?

Emma had her 6-year-old well check at the doctor's office this afternoon, right after school. She was so excited about the 2 birthday parties she was going to this evening that she spoke right up to the receptionist and was telling her all about them. It was pretty funny. She doesn't usually do that with complete strangers.

The only thing I had listed as a concern with Emma is getting her to sleep. As I figured, the doctor thought that was quite ironic since she's always quoting me and my sleep book to other parents with kids and sleep problems. She asked if either Scott or I was a night owl and I had to confess that yes, I am. Apparently it's genetic and I get it from my Mom, who I can always count on being the first person to read my blog post since I typically do it before bed and she's still awake playing on her computer til weeeee hours of the morning. Anyway, the doctor recommended drugging Emma up. Yep, you heard right. However, she wasn't talking about your typical sleep aid medication. She suggested we try giving Emma some Melatonin, which is a hormone your body naturally produces to aid in sleep. Melatonin is a "darkness signaler" that tells the brain it needs to prepare for sleep. I'm guessing Emma has no melatonin in her body. LOL! I bought some at the store, and am going to read a little more about it before I start giving it to her. I didn't want to start tonight because she is at a sleepover and if she reacted badly to it, I didn't want her to be away from home. Speaking of sleepover, I'm hoping that no news is good news. I haven't heard a thing from Jen, the birthday girl's Mom, so I'm hoping that means Emma is asleep! I told her to call me if she needed anything and warned her of Emma's sleep issues. I'm hoping all is well! It will be a bit of a pain if I get a call to come get her in the middle of the night. Since Scott is out of town, that means I would have to wake Gage up to drive to Mandan to pick her up. Hopefully that won't happen. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Emma had 2 parties to go to this evening. The first one was at Claire's Boutique. Thankfully she didn't come out with a pierced tongue or ears. However, she did come out with dark blue eye shadow and Gage said, "it's freaking me out!" It looked awful and if she were 13 or older, I would have made her wash it off before we left the store! She had orange streaks in her hair, (which she had to point out to me since I didn't even notice with her red hair) glitter in her hair and all over her face and she also had her fingernails painted. Emma had alot of fun at the party and it was funny when we walked up to the store front. She was standing in the windows blinking her eyes very dramatically showing us her eye shadow. All of the girls even got gift cards as part of the party and got to go shopping. You'll never guess what Emma bought! MORE MAKEUP! UGH! She has 3 new containers of glitter eye shadow and lip gloss. Just what we needed! It was easy to get her out of the store because she was anxious to get on to her next party. There are 7 girls spending the night and the only girl Emma knows is the birthday girl. I thought that might be an interesting mix. I'll be interested to hear how it went. Sometimes it's hard for girls to play with more than one friend at a time, and I'm guessing the birthday girl won't be giving Emma her full and undivided attention. Maybe Emma will come out with 6 new friends? Who knows? We'll be picking her up after Gage's basketball game which starts at 8:30am and we'll know whether our day is going to be painfully cranky or not.

I suppose I should get my butt to bed so I can deal with her crankiness a little better by not being cranky and tired myself!

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