Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girl Scout cookies are here!

I volunteered in the library for a couple of hours this morning and when I got home I noticed Kara mentioned on Facebook that she was sorting Girl Scout cookies, so called to see if she needed help. I ran out and helped (although she pretty much had it all done!) and drove back home with a van packed full of Girl Scout cookies! Thankfully we had our meeting tonight and was able to get rid of all the boxes that weren't ours. We have sampled the Caramel DeLites and the Lemonades and they are pretty darned good. We got some of each kind so Emma can really give her opinion next year as to which ones are the best. :-)

After supper we went out to a few neighbors houses to deliver their cookies and it is just TOO TEMPTING for Emma with all of the water puddles around, not to jump in them! I finally convinced her to wade through them without sloshing water all over since she had already had her bath for the night! I'm sure she'll be out there sloshing in them tomorrow though. I'm not sure where all of this melting snow and water are going to go, and I'm praying it isn't into our basement. There are already some basements in Bismarck with water in them and we have only just begun the melting stage. Of course I did just move all of my scrapbook stuff down to the basement a couple of months ago, so I'm going to have to take time out to make sure I have it all out of harms way if we do get some water in the basement.

Other than having 200 boxes of GS cookies in our living room, not much else is happening in the Stephens' house. I did have a little bit of crankiness going on this evening since the kids got to bed late last night. They watched part of American Idol with me tonight so hopefully they weren't up too late to continue with the crankies tomorrow!

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