Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I need to go to bed. Since the time change I have not been wanting to get out of bed in the morning. It's still fairly dark and it's great sleeping weather! So, I'm going to blog quickly.

First of all I LOVE MELATONIN! Man, it's like a miracle drug. Although it's not actually a "drug". I gave Emma her 1/4 tablet tonight and she was asleep 30 minutes later. She actually took the pill willingly tonight too. We talked about it this morning when we were eating breakfast. I wanted to know how she felt. She said she felt awake and not tired feeling. It seriously is a miracle that Emma is going to sleep so easily. Unfortunately we still had a little battle this morning over her hair because she had pictures at school today. She won. I did it like she wanted and told her if they turned out bad I just wouldn't buy them. After talking with Emily on the phone this morning, I decided that I would buy them and I will be sure to tell the story in her scrapbook! Hopefully it didn't look as bad during the pictures as it did when she got home after school. Her hair is just so slow growing and her bangs are not long enough yet to stay in her ponytail. That's how she always wants to wear it now, then we use barrettes to keep the sides up. The barrettes slide out of place and are often just hanging by a few hairs when she gets home and I just didn't think that would be the best hairdo for pictures. However, I just thought about it being the class photo day as well, so if she has bad hair, all of her classmates will enjoy the picture as well! :-)

When it comes to contests, I am in! I don't know why, but a contest can motivate me like nothing else. I needed to get into the Biggest Loser weight loss challenge at school but I didn't rank high enough on the totem pole to get asked to enter. Warford Orthodontics is having an American Idol contest. I enjoy watching American Idol, but sometimes I forget it's on because we don't watch too many things on Fox. I didn't forget it was on tonight though because I am all over the contest. :-) The winner gets an iPod touch. Tonight we had to vote on 1) who we think is going to win the contest 2) the 4 idols we think will be in the top 4 3) the 6 idols we think will be in the Top 6 4) the idol(s) we think will get voted off and 5) the 3 idols we think will be in the bottom 3. They will be doing this every week until the show is over and whoever has the most points at the end wins. I just emailed my choices and I hope I earn a lot of points tonight. As I said, it only takes a little competition to get me motivated. Thanks for your help Kysa! I'll share the iPod touch with you when we visit! :-)

We got 3.75 inches of snow. Thankfully I got Scott to shovel it before he left on his overnight trip to Minneapolis. His flight was delayed quite a bit and he didn't get there until just a little while ago. The interstate has been closed from Jamestown to Fargo and there have been many other roads closed within that area. We didn't get hit quite as bad as they did. Gage was THRILLED to death when we were on our way out of the school and it just dawned on me that I had driven to school this morning. We all enjoyed our ride home in the blowing snow with negative temps!

I haven't heard from Mom, Dad or Jari Jo yet as to whether her test went okay or not. Jari Jo forgot her cell phone and I don't think Mom's was on? I called tonight to see if they were home, but I'm guessing they stopped off for more pie at Perkins and a pit stop at the casino. At least that's what I'm praying they did!! If they did that, it means Mom must not have been feeling too bad. Give me the update Jari or Mom, whoever reads this first! Love you all!

Sorry. The post wasn't as quick as I thought it would be!


Anonymous said...

hi there, i tried calling you about four times and your phone was a bit busy so i thought maybe you were talking to jari jo. the tests werent too bad until the nurse put the stuff in my vains to race my heart to its fullest, oh i hate that, had a hard time breathing but that is normal for that, thought my heart was going to pop right out of my chest but it stayed in its place, it takes four minutes at full speed and then they bring it back down, glad that is over. we got out of there and went to perkins for grandpa to get those pancakes, my he likes them, he ate his five and then two of mine lol. we did go to cascino for a bit but didnt stay long. no one was lucky, but that is usually the way it goes. the next deal i hope gets over fast, i am really scard of that surgury. god will take care of me and ii do believe that, if not, it is just my time. hey, i even bought some of that medicine you got emma. not going to try it tonight as was up so early this morning, dont think i need it yet. i am glad it is working on emma, if the dr. said it is ok, then i would believe her, anyway, stay well, and recucuperate from your fall yesterday, i worry about you. talk to you later, love your mom

Kysa said...

darn...Mom it was me talking to Stacy......We were trying to figure out how to win that I-Touch....We didn't think you were home yet.....Love the pancake story with Dad....I cannot believe he can hold that many....Let me know what and when your next appt. is....I want to go too.....