Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I got a call from my sister, Kysa, this evening with information about my Mom's doctor's appointment today. Kysa had received text messages from my other sister, Jari Jo, who went with Mom and Dad, about the appt. but all she could decipher is that they were at Perkins eating pie and were on their way to the casino. She also said there has to be a cardiac stress test done before the surgery. Hmmm. There was some missing information there that apparently you can't fit into a text message! LOL! I called Jari's cell phone and as I listened to the slot machines dinging in the background, she explained a little more about the appointment. Oh, and Mom and Dad had coconut cream pie while Jari had a Reese's smooth silk chocolate pie. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

There isn't really too much to tell at this point. They want to perform a carotid endarterectomy to remove the blockage, which is around 80%. However, to do the surgery, Mom must pass a cardiac stress test which they want to do Tuesday. Did I get all of the information right guys? That's what I understand anyway. I tried calling tonight, but apparently the casino hadn't yet taken all of their money, because I had to talk to the answering machine.

The weather here was beautiful today. I hate beautiful days this time of year. It means yucky, mucky, slushy slop all over the place. It means wet, muddy, dog paws coming in from the outdoors. It means wet socks inside of wet boots. It means wet snow pants. It means MESS and I hate it. I would rather have it frozen for the entire season then one day it magically disappears. I don't know what Fairy Tale that would be in, but it sounds like one that I would like to come true!

I have Thursday and Friday off from the library. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I should clean the house. Friday after school is going to be a zoo as I have Emma's 6-year-old well check at the doctor's office, then Emma has a birthday party to go to from 4p-5:30p at Claire's Boutique. If that girl comes out of there with pierced ears, there will be TROUBLE! :-) Then she has another birthday party/sleep over that starts at 6p. I haven't yet talked to the mother about that, but before I commit to the sleepover part, I want to know what kind of effort will be made to get Emma to sleep. I can't have her up until 1:30 in the morning again, especially with the busy Saturday we have while Scott is out of town for the weekend. She has another birthday party to go to on Sunday evening. This little girl's social calendar is FULL! It wears me out just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

well daughter of mine, i think you know about as much as i do and i was there lol, and this isnt even funny, if they get me there it will be another story, i know the stress test to well, you have another heart attack with it and hurts and scares you to death, and the other part of this deal is to scary for me also, they do it while awake and believe me, if they get me there, they will be miracle workers, i think god will take care of all this all on his own, and i trust in him, at least the cascino got a lot off my mind for awhile until we got back in the van lol. will talk to you tomorrow and god bless and love love love ya. mom

Jari said...

you got it wrong mom and dads pie was banana cream pie and mine was peanut butter silk reeces pie and it was yummy you got the rest right. LOL. Things are going to be all right mom and everyone else. God will take care of you as well as your family. Our love can get you through anything.

Kysa said... I need to go on Tuesday.....I have a little job shadow next Tuesday....I could go to the next one after that.....

Jari said...

I am going kysa you keep that kid of mine busy at work. I know you just want to eat pie with us don't you. LOL. The next one is on March 19 in Mount Ayr at 12:15 not sure what day of the week that is.