Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nursing Home bait

I think I'm close to being nursing home bait. I fell again today. It was very graceful, let me tell you. I went out back to empty my scrub bucket (believe it or not I actually got into a cleaning mood today) and as I was attempting to see if I could stand on the ice that is 2 inches thick (at least) that is on the patio, my foot went through and I slipped and fell right on my hip (a.k.a. ass) Of course my first instinct is to look around and see if anyone was watching. I'm not sure why I did that because the only person that could have seen it was my neighbor, Dave, and he was at work. Although I'm sure he would have gotten quite a good laugh out of that. Mostly I was not very happy because not only did my foot break through the ice, but both of my feet (and my slippers) were completely submerged in ICE WATER! Not to mention the cuffs of my sweatpants that were sopping wet. AARGH! I guess I'm glad it happened out back, rather than out front, as I'm sure several neighbors would have witnessed the event then. I'm starting to think I need to drink more milk, so I don't fracture my hip! Thankfully I have enough padding there that I'm probably pretty safe.

Emma asked me if I could set her alarm clock so she could get up early tomorrow morning. She asked me if I could curl her hair before school. I told her I probably could, but that she would have to get up and get ready much earlier and quicker than usual. She decided against me setting the alarm clock and she just wants me to get her up myself. I'm guessing I should probably get to bed before it gets too late so we don't end up in a big fight about her hair again! (Oh, by the way, she decided and admitted that it probably would have been a better idea to wear her hair the way I first had it for her school pictures after we got the proofs back today.) When is she going to learn that Mom is always right? LOL! I'm not sure I have learned that yet!

Speaking of Mom.......................I'm thinking about you and will be anxious to hear how your appointment goes tomorrow. I will be working at school from 12-3p so I will call when I get home if I don't hear from you before I go. I gave Kerri Gray your email and phone number because she said Patti would love to get in touch with you again. Love ya!

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