Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In case you didn't know..........

This is a note to my dear, loving husband.

Dearest Scott,

Perhaps you didn't know, despite being printed on our monthly water bill AND being talked about on the local news, that it is actually illegal to shovel your snow into the street. I understand that you aren't the one who takes care of paying the bills each month, so I will let the fact that you probably haven't read that slide. It is also possible that you were traveling the nights that they have mentioned this on the local news each winter for the past 6 years. I suppose it is also possible that you weren't listening the past 6 winters when I have possibly mentioned this little piece of information.

Don't get me wrong, I am quite grateful that you attempted to remove the snow from our driveway in the 45 minutes you had after getting home from work, eating supper and getting to the airport to catch your delayed flight to Minneapolis last night. While you were out there working up a sweat in the below-zero wind chills, I felt quite loved.

There is actually one more reason, that I am now aware of, why you shouldn't shovel your snow into the street at the end of your driveway, other than the fact that it is illegal. If you happen to be driving an FUV (family utility vehicle) instead of an SUV (sport utility vehicle), it is quite possible you might get stuck! I'm not sure what would have been easier. Shoveling the driveway myself, trying to heave the snow over the 5 foot (or perhaps even taller) snow drifts on either side of the driveway or shoveling the snow from beneath our FUV that is buried, in snow, at the end of the driveway? I wasn't feeling quite as loved this morning as I was yesterday evening. You might not have been feeling the love this morning either.

However, I don't want to worry you, because I actually was able to get our FUV removed from the pile of snow it was stuck in. Thankfully, on the one day (out of maybe a handful of days) that I decided to drive the kids to school, we were out the door early enough to have time for a little "fun in the snow". We were also early enough that we were able to flag down the neighbors so Gage could catch a ride to school with them in case our "frolic in the snow" might take too long. Unfortunately we broke the law a second time as there was only enough room for Gage to sit on the lap of his 9 year old buddy. I'm sure that was a fun, and memorable, ride to school. I do believe that Gage probably enjoyed that, perhaps even more than Erik did.

So, in case you didn't know that pushing the snow to the end of the driveway (a.k.a. in the street) was illegal, and bothersome to those who drive FUV's, now you do!

With much love,



Anonymous said...

hey there, you didnt say rather gage got a ticket sitting on friends lap, i sure hope not. somedays just dont pay to get out of bed you guys, where does the city want you to put all that snow, some people cant throw that tall lol. you are all having a good old north dakota winter that your father has been trying to avoid lol. we sure are having cold march weather and i wonder what grandpa thinks of iowa now along with north dakota. hey kysa, you missed the train, next app. is in mt ayr to talk about when this surgery will be and guess what, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee terribles went bankrupt, on the news tonight, i hope they sink that boat, lol. i love you all my whole family, be good and dont be too hard on scott, hes a good man, just too much snow lol. love mom

Kysa said...

OH.....that was such good advise from our Mom.....she is a great least he tried....that was a pretty busy schedule....I know you must be milking him to buy you come Starbucks!!!! :o)
Love ya.....all of ya.....I also agree to SINK THAT DAMN BOAT!!!! haha!!! But I do want to eat pancakes with you and Dad.... and Jari.....!!!! LOVE YA...ME!!! #2