Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Big Reveal!!!!!

I stayed up last night putting a few finishing touches on Emma's room so I could take some pictures to post the "big reveal"! It's a good thing I took the pictures last night, because we tore her room apart again to empty out the closet so we could paint it white. I don't really understand why they painted the closet? It was a fairly bright yellow which took a few coats to cover up. It did go with the wallpaper, but I think it's smarter to paint a closet neutral in color so you never have to paint it again! The closet in our bedroom was wallpapered along with the rest of the room, and I still have yet to get it painted. I started and it was such a pain, (and I was doing it alone) that I quit. Maybe getting Emma's closet painted will motivate us to get ours finished?

I added a couple of more bugs to her wall with her EMMA hooks, along with all of her purses. (As you can see, Emma has plenty of purses, so no need to ever buy another one!) :-)

Here's the bumblebee I couldn't wait to put near the head of Emma's bed, so she'll see it at night and hopefully desensitize her to bees. I wish there had been a woodtick sticker, because those seem to have her terrified more than bees right now! The snail on top of the quilt rack is pretty cute, which was Emma's idea.

Here's the dollhouse bed which is finally completed! I am glad to be finished with purple, that's for sure! When I was putting some of her things back in her room to get them out of the basement, I discovered that her toy organizer fits perfectly under her bed (without the top row of containers in place). Emma loved the idea of hanging her Webkinz out the window. "How much is that doggy in the window? Arf, arf"
Here's a closer view of Emma's play area. The white drawers contain all of her Littlest Pet shop toys and her dollhouse furniture. I do want to buy a tension rod to put up so we can hang some sort of curtain because she wants it to be a hideout as well.

We filled that bookshelf right up! The valances on the windows are just adorable. The little butterflies with ribbon are attached with safety pins (they came that way). The random butterflies and flowers are cute along the picket fence. I'm not even sure we need to paint the grass along the baseboards?

I still need to paint her letter "E" on the shelf. I'm not sure if I'm going to paint it pink or green, and then do some polka dots or something? Or, I also thought about letting Emma paint it because she has been dying to paint something and I haven't found anything yet that would be good for her to paint, if you get my point! The butterflies and flowers hung on the wall with the shelves are ceramic and are so cute. I also put a little bumblebee sticker up by the pink flower which is a little hard to see. The dragonfly is very cute too and almost looks handpainted! The little hutch that I repainted white is what my Grandpa Larsen built. It is very cute with the matching butterfly and flower knobs.

I think this still needs another coat of white paint, but I'm burned out with painting at the moment. However, if I don't get it done now, it probably won't ever get done! (The little butterfly night light to the left of the hutch was a favorite find of mine as well!) Lowe's is the place to go! :-)

I've had this birdhouse sitting in the basement for a couple of years. When a neighbor up the street moved she gave me a bunch of the stuff she didn't want anymore, and the birdhouse was one of the items. It looks cute back in the corner. (Emma didn't agree with me on that.) She says she's willing to let it stay there if we can get a real bird for it!

Here's a close up of my picket fence. I ended up painting the nail heads to make it look a little more realistic. The butterflies and flowers sure cuten it up a bit!

A little mood lighting in the corner. :-)

Here is Emma's dollhouse bookshelf that Grandpa Stephens built for her. I had to repaint the roof (it was white) because the kids had written graffiti all over it with a yellow highlighter. I really think it looks good with the green roof. I was going to repaint it white, but my friend Sherry suggested I use the green. Thanks Sherry!

The picture framed on the wall here is Emma's birth announcement cross-stitch. It never would have gotten finished if it weren't for Sherry's mother-in-law. Thanks a ton! I finally had it framed at Hobby Lobby this past winter. I wish I had framed it with a white frame now. Oh well. Emma is also not thrilled about having the books in the dollhouse. She wants to put her dollhouse furniture in it, and I told her as soon as I had the closet finished and could put her books back in the closet, we could move them out of her dollhouse.
Well, I hope this was worth the wait! :-) We are very happy with the results. Now I'm going to have to do something more in our bedroom so I can lay in there and admire the hard work.


Tasha Via said...

Hey, I just found you on Emily Jennings blog. I love the room. So creative and cute=)

Emily Jennings said...

WOW...I love it!!!

Kysa said...

That looks really great Stacy!!! Good Job....You need to hire out!!!

Kara said...

It looks great, Stacy! I can't wait to see the cute scrapbook pages you make from all your hard work! Do you think this will help Emma to keep it picked up? If so, I should get to work on the girl's rooms! Ha!

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