Sunday, June 8, 2008

Emma's Spring Dance Recital

This afternoon was Emma's spring dance recital. Her group was dressed up like kitties and they danced to the tune of "Polly Put The Kettle On". She did a great job. I'm making my second attempt at uploading the video. The first time it didn't work, and I'm afraid it's because the video was too long. Scott took the video for me, and I failed to tell him it needed to be fairly short.

Here's Emma before makeup!

Emma getting her pink nose. (It's a good thing they had makeup there for the girls, because as I've mentioned in the past, we don't have a single container of makeup in this house!)

Emma now getting her whiskers! Meow!

What a cute kitty!

The side view showing Emma's pretty purple tail!

What a cutie patootie!

Now we just have to wait until showtime!

Coloring was a great way to occupy the girls' time while we waited for the show to begin!

After the show we hung around a few minutes and had some cookies and lemonade and then came home to relax a few hours before volleyball.

Tonight we had our first church league volleyball game. (Last week was rained out) We kicked major BUTT! We have some younger girls (3 of them are sisters) on our team this year who are pretty darned good. I don't know them very well, but I think I've heard they are (and were) really good basketball players at BHS. We have done pretty well the past couple of years, but this year we will definitely be the team to beat! These first games are preliminary games to determine the playing level of each team and to separate them accordingly. In the past we have been scrambling to have enough to play and tonight we had 3 men there along with 7 women. The only bad part about that is that you have to wait forever to rotate back in to play. The second game we unknowingly broke some rules, as we decided to rotate after each serve, which definitely helped the speed in which you got back into the game, but we didn't realize you have to rotate men for men and women for women. Oops! We were unaware of those rules, as it has never been a problem with having too many people before! That's a good problem to have! Due to some of Gage's baseball games falling on Sunday evenings, however, there will be times that we are unable to play (next week will be one of those times, unfortunately). Gage and Emma had a good time as well. The younger girls were giving them some attention when they weren't playing, and that's always a bonus in their eyes!

After the game, Gage and Emma were showing us how they liked to swing on the branches of one of the willow trees in the park. I told them many times before we started playing not to do that because they were going to get hurt. Well, you know them, they have to learn the hard way. On one of Emma's swings, her hands slid down the branch, taking off all of the leaves causing her to fall and she scraped her lower back pretty good on the sidewalk. She hopped right up and I could tell it hurt, but she didn't want anyone to see that it hurt. It wasn't until we got home and she saw the scraped area that she started crying. She said she would never swing on those willow trees again. I guess we're lucky it wasn't a broken arm that taught the lesson!

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