Sunday, June 29, 2008

Outdoor service

Today was our annual outdoor church service at Hillside park. The kids love this service because the church rents the pool for an hour after we have a potluck dinner with catered chicken. The weather was absolutely perfect for the outdoor church service, however, it made swimming just a little chilly. Only Emma and Scott were put off by the chilly water.

Since Scott stayed out of the water for a little while, he was able to get some pictures of the kids swimming. I'm not sure what Emma's doing here? Maybe checking to see if she can see out of the water with her goggles on while she's under the water?

Gage had a good time jumping off of the diving board. The kids were pretty sad that the waterslide has been removed. It apparently had lasted much longer than originally predicted, but was not longer safe. I heard someone say that they recycled some of the parts by selling them to ranchers as cattle shelters?

Gage tries doing a handstand.

Emma could not bring herself to jump off the diving board. She noticed the 12 ft sign on the side of the pool and decided it was much too deep to jump into the deep end, because the YMCA is only 10 ft. I'm pretty sure she never goes clear to the bottom, so I don't see how it would matter, but she rationalized not jumping in her head and she had to crawl back to the safety of the concrete. She desperately wanted to do it because one of the ladies had the church camera and she wanted to have her picture in some church bulletin or something of her jumping off the board, but she just couldn't do it this time!
My friend Amy stopped by to give us some hand-me-down clothes for Gage. I just love it when we get great hand-me-downs! We had a nice visit and invited her to stay for supper since her family is in Kansas harvesting winter wheat. We had fresh shrimp from the shrimp man who was in Bismarck today and it was delicious!
After supper we had to hurry to the park for our church volleyball league. We again won all 3 matches. I'm having troubles getting my serves over the net, and I assured Scott I didn't need his coaching, so maybe next time I won't be so distracted? :-)
We're heading out tomorrow on our journey to Iowa. We have some friends who live an hour east of Fargo who asked if we would be heading to Iowa for the 4th and if so, they would love to have us stop in and visit and stay the night. Since Scott has some work to do tomorrow, we decided we would leave after he gets off work and drive to Fergus Falls, MN, stay the night and then drive the rest of the way on Tuesday, instead of just driving the entire 12 hours on Tuesday. So, we'll have a few less hours to drive on Tues, so that will be nice. The kids are anxious to see everyone and Emma has already started packing her bags. I told her that I would help her tomorrow since we had most of the day to get stuff loaded. I think leaving in the afternoon is much easier than getting up at 5 or 6 am like we typically try to do. This way I should be able to sleep instead of lying awake wondering what I've forgotten to get ready!
Can't wait to see you on Tuesday Mom and Dad!!! Be ready for that beard to get shaved off Grandpa! :-)

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Kara said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Sorry we weren't able to join you this time. We'll miss you during your trip to Iowa, but make sure to enjoy your visit and have fun shaving off that beard! Ha!