Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I hope that today was NOT a glimpse of what our summer is going to be like. I didn't think we had too terribly much going on, but I was most certainly WRONG!

Our morning was actually nice and quiet. Gage had to be at Cub Scout Day Camp at 12:30, and that was our first thing scheduled for the day. We dropped him off and then made it to my orthodontist appointment just on time at 1:00. We were there for at least an hour, and Emma was complaining about being bored, so Shelly, the receptionist (who happens to be one of the nicest ladies I have ever met) came to the rescue and gave Emma a box of crayons and coloring sheets!

This is off of the subject a bit, but when I was leaving Warford Orthodontics I noticed a frame on the wall that had a sort of "scrapbook page" within it. I suppose that's why it caught my eye. Anyway, there was a picture of this young girl in the frame, along with a poem and a newspaper article. I can't remember her name, or age, but I think she was probably in her early teens. Anyway, this young girl had been diagnosed with a rare form of esophageal cancer and the Make-A-Wish foundation contacted her. Of all of the things she could choose to do, in her final months, she chose to get braces. She always wanted to have braces to improve her smile, but her family could never afford them. Warford Orthodontics put braces on her free of charge, and I believe she was then allowed to make another wish, since this one didn't cost anything. Anyway, in this girl's name, they have made some sort of scholarship-type memorial that will allow other kids who are in need of braces, and don't have the money to get them, be allowed to fill out an application to possibly be rewarded with free braces! What a wonderful thing for Warford's to do! I nearly started crying before I left the office, because this girl recently died, in March I believe, and in her poem, she stated that although you can't take things with you when you pass on, she was able to take her braces and she would continue to smile. I may have to do a search for this article to link to my post.

Anyway, after our visit at the orthodontist, we went to the library to drop off some videos and audio books that were due, then stopped at the grocery store for a few items. When we got home, it suddenly popped into my head that Emma had dance tonight, as they have a recital coming up and will be having a dress rehearsal on Saturday, her usual day of dance. I then started trying to figure out how I was going to do all of the stuff I had to do, since Gage also had a baseball game tonight at 5:45, Emma's dance was at 5:30 and Scott was out of town, but coming back to town for Gage's baseball game, since he IS the coach! UGH! I'm glad I thought of this in plenty of time, as we had to search Emma's room for her dance attire. As you know, from previous posts, my little Emma is a pack rat. She always has bags, purses, etc packed with various items. We couldn't find one of her ballet slippers, and after a lot of searching, I started to get a bit frustrated. I always keep her dance stuff in a bag, so it is always ready to go. Emma always removes these items from the bag, to either play with them, or pack them into a different bag. If Emma knows that we will be going somewhere ahead of time, she will pack a bag, regardless of the destination, and the items in the bag may or may not be related to the event! In other words, you never know where, or in what bag, you might find something. We did finally find her ballet slipper, thank goodness.

Gage's Cub Scout Day Camp lasted until 5:30, but we had to go and pick him up early due to his ballgame. Thankfully Scott made it home, and was waiting for us when we arrived around 5:10, and I got Gage uniformed up and Emma in her ballet outfit and we were off. Scott and Gage to the ball field, Emma and I to dance. Unfortunately Emma has missed her past 2 dance classes, and the dance they were rehearsing was one Emma has never done. However, she did a wonderful job of picking it up, and was seriously doing better than most of the other girls in her group. We blasted out of there when dance was over and went straight to the ball field to watch Gage's game. I couldn't believe how well they were doing when we arrived. They certainly didn't look like the Bad News Bears, and to my knowledge, there were no problems with the "nut cups"! Emma took her post as water girl, and I jumped right in to help the bench coach by gearing up the catcher each inning. They do not keep score for this age group, but Gage assures me that his team won! :-)

Unfortunately by the time we were done, it was around 7 pm. As we left the field, I realized I didn't have my cell phone with me and we had to go back to the field to look for it. I couldn't remember if I had taken it with me when I left the car or not. UGH! Another reason I hate cell phones, one more thing to keep track of! We went back and looked and couldn't find it. I wouldn't have been so upset, but we had just loaded it with about $50 of prepaid minutes! UGH! Well, when we got back to the car, I saw it sitting in the drivers seat. Apparently I was sitting on it, and that's why I couldn't find it! We headed for the McDonald's drive-thru because I wasn't going to have time to fix anything at home for supper because they were both "starving" as Emma put it, and Scott was leaving from the game to go back to work. It was an easy way out for supper, and I was finally done with baths and reading stories around 9:30!

Tomorrow is day 2 of day camp for Gage, and they also have swimming lessons at 4pm. Gage will miss his lesson due to the camp, unfortunately.

Here is Gage and his group getting ready for the fun to start "Under the Big Top" at Cub Scout Day Camp.

When we arrived to pick Gage up at the end of his camp day, they were in the parking lot launching 2-liter bottles into the air with a bicycle tire air pump. They looked like they were having quite a bit of fun!

After pumping the tire pump a few times, the bottles would shoot into the air!

Emma wanted so badly to give it a try, and Gage was kind enough to let her help him launch it for the last time.

They experimented and tried launching it without the water to see what would happen. With no water the bottle didn't shoot as high into the air. If the bottle was filled up completely, it wouldn't leave the ground. What a neat experiment!

When we arrived at the ball field Gage was on his inning of rest. This baseball program has an awesome computer program that you plug the players' names into, and then it automatically gives you a line-up in the field rotating each child through as many positions as they can during a 5-inning game, then it picks up where it left off on the next game. Every kid bats each inning, and they rotate positions every inning. It is fair for everyone.

Gage looks so grown up in his uniform!

Here is the first at-bat I saw of Gage's. He hit the ball hard and made it to first base.

His teammates batted him all the away around the bases and he scored a run!

Gage headed for home plate!
I'm glad the day is over!

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Kara said...

Phew is right! You had a lot packed into your afternoon and evening! I like the picture of Gage pumping...he has all his weight into it and his feet are off the ground! So how did the nut cups go? LOL! He really does look so much older in that uniform. Yikes! He is growing up on you!