Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Egg Drop

Finally, the day of the big egg drop! Gage has been soooo excited about this event at day camp!
As you can see, it was a cold and rainy day.

The utility company brought out their truck with the bucket and raised it as high as it would go to throw the containers holding the eggs!

Gage's egg was in the second group of containers being dropped. After they dropped all of the eggs in this group, the kids were able to run out to grab their box. The water you see here on the concrete was from a previous drop. I'm not sure if that egg survived, but the water bag burst that was on the outside!

Here comes Gage with his box. The suspense is killing him!

Dad couldn't get the box opened fast enough!

We didn't realize until after we opened the box, (because no one said anything) but we were supposed to take the box, still closed, to a table of judges who were to open the box and reveal whether or not the egg was broken! Oops!

Here's a video of the revealing of the egg!

Yeah! Gage's egg survived the drop! The prize was this "special bead" to hang on their recognition emblems that they made in one of their craft stations. I thought it was going to be something really special, and I was quite disappointed to see that it was just a plastic pony bead! Oh well, Gage was thrilled to death, so that's all that matters!
We had our second ballgame tonight. Unfortunately I was unable to get any pictures because I was acting as the "bench coach" tonight. It was cold and rainy and we had a nice big mud puddle located just inside our dugout. Every single one of those boys HAD to step in it too! My job was to get the kids lined up in the correct batting order, and then tell them each what positions they are to go to after batting. Our line up is computer generated, and there are 3 kids who "rest" each inning, since only 9 players are out in the field. Well, one of the kids was not there tonight, so I was having a hard time figuring out who should be the one to fill his spot. I finally got things figured out after the first inning. The coach from the other team started pitching to their batters after the first 2 at-bats and I was surprised at how well they were hitting the ball. Scott then did the same thing with our kids, and they too, hit the ball. Gage actually had a hard time the first time, so I took the tee out for him to use so we wouldn't be taking up so much time. A couple of the other kids needed the tee as well. However, the second time he was up to bat, he hit the ball and did a great job. He did a great job in the field as well. Even though he missed the pop up that was hit to him (it hit his wrist instead of his glove), he gained control of the ball and got the runner going to second out. The kids did a great job. Because it was raining, and because the hour time-limit was up, we didn't play the last inning and Gage was SO SO SO UPSET! He apparently had looked at the sheet I had and saw that he was supposed to be playing in the pitching position during the last inning and he wanted to do that soooo badly, that he had a meltdown once we got home. Thankfully we finally got that under control and I'm hoping we can figure out how to let him play in the pitching position during the next game. Since it is computer generated, we are supposed to follow the line up, and he isn't in the pitching position in the next game. Maybe we can fudge it a little bit?
I am not too fond of the bench coach job. I was getting pretty frustrated that none of the kids were listening to me when I was trying to line them up in the order they were to bat. I got to the point where I was wanting to start knocking heads together! I think we'll make all the parents rotate through that position!

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