Monday, June 16, 2008

Getting ready

Today was a pretty good day. Gage went to Camp Edventure bright and early this morning at 8 and Emma slept in a little, so I had a little bit of (much needed) quiet time! Soon after she woke up we tore into her room. I am afraid for her one day if her "hoarding" gets any worse! Man, I found stuff that has been missing FOREVER, like her CD player and all of her CD's. She had them stuffed into a little hutch that my grandpa made MANY years ago, along with tons of other stuff that has been missing. I found purses, within purses, within purses and the original purse would have stuff just crammed into it. We totally cleared out her room in preparation for her big surprise coming tomorrow (not really a surprise because she knows about it)! Her Grandpa S. made her a new "dollhouse bed" because she was upset about Gage having a new "fun" bed and she didn't. We're anxious to see it, and praying it will fit in her room! I still have all of her books which are stacked on the floor to take out, along with her dresser and bed. Other than those things, it's pretty much empty. AND once again, the basement is overloaded with STUFF! It was funny today when we were riding our bikes home from swimming lessons at the YMCA. As we were riding along the sidewalk, some older lady had her garage door opened and her car was parked in the driveway and as we rode by Emma says, "Wow! Look at that messy garage!" I about died when I rode by and saw the lady standing by her car. I hope she didn't hear Emma say that! Anyway, I hope Emma keeps that image stored in her memory bank so I can remind her what her house will look like one day if she doesn't stop all of this hoarding-pack-rat-type behavior! That lady had boxes stacked to the ceiling from the front to the back of the garage. There was just room enough for a car, and that's about it! That's about what our basement looks like, AGAIN! Hopefully when I get her room finished, we'll be able to get it organized and the basement reorganized again. I want to get the rest of her wallpaper removed from the wall before Grandpa arrives with the bed tomorrow, which means I have ALOT of work to do in there tomorrow! (I'm sure I won't be able to get that finished, but it's okay to dream!) Gage again has Camp Edventure tomorrow from 8a-12p and Emma has Daisy Day Camp from 12:30p-4:30p. I may have to stay at the park where her Day camp is, so I'm sure I won't have ALL DAY to get that done, just the morning hours when Gage is at camp. We then will have quite a bit of painting to do in her room, and most of the furniture going back into her room. I'll be sure to post some pictures when I get them!

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